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Wire Rope Clamps: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

by Olufisayo

Wire rope clamps are helpful for projects in several industries. As someone starting a company or running one, you might need to order some. However, you may not know very much about buying them or what you should look for when you do.

We’ll talk a little about wire rope clamps and how to go about buying some right now.

What Are the Uses of Wire Rope Clamps?

First, let’s talk about what you can do with rope clamps before we focus on how to buy some. A well-known brand like Ravenox Rope Clamps is ideal if you need to lift something.

Virtually any company you’re running that makes and ships products will need rope clamps because you can’t move large product orders onto trucks or other vehicles for transportation without them.

What Exactly is a Wire Rope Clamp?

If you’ve ever spent any time in a warehouse, you’ve probably seen wire rope clamps, even if you couldn’t necessarily identify one. They are simple mechanical devices that feature two hex nuts, a saddle, and a U-bolt. Each one of these elements should be present when you go shopping for wire rope clamps.

How to Choose the Right One

If you don’t work in a warehouse and have direct experience buying wire rope clamps and other equipment for lifting and hauling freight, you might be mystified regarding what kind you should get. You will definitely need to speak to an expert before you make a purchase since you don’t want to buy the wrong kind.

Wire rope clamps generally come in two categories, the traditional U-bolt and the double saddle variety. Speak to your warehouse manager or whoever else is in charge before you choose between them.

Pick the Right Material

There are also some different materials from which wire rope clamps are made, so you’ll want to defer to an expert in this area as well. You’ll want to choose from a drop forger galvanized model, a malleable galvanized one, or a stainless steel one. Each has distinct weaknesses and strengths, so make sure that whoever is running your warehouse weighs in on this detail as well.

Additional Considerations

Before moving ahead with the order, you’ll also want to talk with whoever is in charge of the project about the parameters of the work environment. That will come into play since the environment will inform what kind of wire rope clamp you need.

You’ll also want to talk about the load specifications. You’ll need to communicate regarding how many wire rope clamps you’ll need, depending on the project’s size.

Many times, if you run a business where you’re shipping products to retail outlets or you’re sending them directly to clients, you’ll eventually get your wire rope clamps from the same supplier. You will probably come to trust that supplier because they give you a reasonable price and they always have the clamps in stock that you need.

At that point, ordering wire rope clamps should become a relatively simple process.

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