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Working for You

by Olufisayo

Being your own boss seems to be the most up-and-coming career moves that people are making. Younger and younger people are starting their own businesses, start-ups are crowding the market, and more and more people are choosing to work from home. What if you want to work from home, but you do not wish to start your own business? You can still be an entrepreneur without being a business mogul. Many companies are branching out and hiring employees to work from home. This allows you to do what you love at the times that work best for you. Here we will discuss what to expect when working from home, as well as a few tips and tricks to choosing the career that is right for you.

Working for You

Time Management

Let’s be honest, not all of us are night owls and not all of us are early birds. For those of us that fall in the middle of the aviary spectrum, working from home gives us the perk of choosing our own schedule. While choosing your own schedule does seem like the dream, it comes with the responsibility of time management. You have to decide what you want your schedule to look like, how many hours you are looking to work per week, and then build your schedule from there. When you work from home, there are still deadlines, so you have to be prepared to work a bit extra some days as well. Setting up an invoice program is an excellent way to log your working hours without having to keep manual track. There are a number of applications that provide this service at a mere click of a button.

Choosing Your Career

What are your credentials? What past jobs have you held? Where do your strengths and weaknesses lie? This is beginning to sound like an interview… However, these are the questions that you must ask yourself when you are looking to dive into a career working from home. You need to find a career that you are tailored to and that you enjoy. For example, if you went to school for sales and marketing and/or have previously enjoyed a career in sales, insurance affiliate marketing may be for you. Read about getting started here. Other examples of careers to pursue when working from home are ghostwriting, data mining, and audio transcription.

Separating Work and Home

Work will always be stressful at some point. It comes with the nature of working. This makes it important to separate that work-life stress from home and family life – especially when you are working from home. Keeping a separate space solely for work, is a great way to keep your mind focused while working, and allows you to essentially ‘close up shop’ at the end of your day.

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