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Planning On Working Overseas? Make the Transition Easier With These Tips

by Olufisayo
Working Overseas

Have you ever considered working abroad? You’ll be exposed to a whole new way of life, a different culture with potential benefits to your career, helping you stand apart from any future competitors. With these reasons alone, it’s easy to see why so many of us are heading overseas and leaving our comfort zones behind.

But is working abroad really as easy as you think it might be? Starting or continuing your career in a new part of the world isn’t without its challenges, with language barriers, culture shock, and extended adjustment periods putting the potential brakes on your career progression. But help is at hand – here we’ll examine some top tips for working overseas. Check them out below.

Money, money, money

Whether you’re reaching out to new clients overseas or your family wants to send you over some funds to help get you started, getting to grips with your money whilst overseas is important.

Many overseas workers put their trust in international money transfers to simplify the handling of money between countries and bank accounts. Check out http://www.thecurrencyshop.com.au/international-money-transfers, for more information.

Find your voice

Even if you’re working online and you’re not necessarily speaking with the locals, it still makes sense to make yourself familiar with some simple phrases so you can help yourself transition into the local culture and enjoy your experience!

Try to learn the following words and phrases: Hello, goodbye, how much is this? Can you tell me how to get to….? I need help with my internet connection

Of course, you don’t have to be fluent by the time you land, but the more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You’ll find making friends much easier and you may even enjoy the challenge!

Visit as a tourist

If possible, and before you head overseas for the foreseeable future, consider visiting your chosen destination as a tourist. Stay for a couple of weeks and get to know the area, discover places you like to eat, hear the local language and soak in the culture and community. This is the perfect way to prevent culture shock when you return in the future.

Prepare as much as possible

You wouldn’t leave the details of your holiday until the last minute. So, why do this when you’re working overseas? Organize and prepare as much as you can whilst you’re still at home. This will make the transition so much easier.

Consider phone contracts, your broadband, your accommodation, your transport options. Figure out where the nearest supermarket is and where you can enjoy walks and free time. Of course some things you may want to discover whilst you’re there, but having a strong foundation ready for your arrival will make the process easier and less stressful.

And finally, understanding your rights

If you’re going to work for a company rather than yourself, it’s important that you understand your rights as an employee in your new country. Your employment and civil rights may differ from what you’re used to back home, so finding out what you’re entitled and no longer entitled to is crucial.

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