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Workplace Woes – 6 Common Workplace Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

by Olufisayo
Workplace Woes

The modern workplace is a constantly evolving beast.

We spend more time in our workplaces than ever, with more tasks and more stress. When we’re more stressed, we become less able to communicate clearly, making the entire workplace experience less enjoyable and less productive for everyone – employees, employers, and customers!

How do agile, modern workplaces adapt and succeed in these conditions? Let’s look at some common workplace pitfalls, and examine the ways a smart workplace would seek a remedy…

Workplace Woes

Communication Breakdown

Telephones. Email. Wifi. Computers. Modern technology can be confusing and hard to navigate, even for those who are young enough to be considered as ‘digital natives’. Workplaces often have confusing and outdated communication systems, which make the challenge of conveying information correctly (and in a timely manner) even more difficult than it already seems. Implementing smart, integrated communication, like CCMN VoIP Phone Systems is essential to a forward-thinking, employee-centred workspace. VOIP is easy to use, easy to understand, and makes communication much more simple than a fax machine!

All Systems (No) Go

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way.

Knowing when to express ideas in person and not through other more complex forms of communication, is a skill that takes some honing. If there’s something you need to communicate to someone nearby, or an idea which is delicate or best handled face-to-face, take the time to do just that (rather than firing off an easily-lost missive).

Lack Of Direction

Directness in workplace communication is highly regarded, and for good reason.

Workplace communication is littered with vague phrasings, which offer no commonly understood interpretation. In order to achieve a more compliant, and more widely understood dialogue, try to be more direct in your inter-office communications. Be specific with times, dates and places. If you have a task you need completed by an exact moment in time, communicate this need accurately. By doing so, you will create a culture of straight-talking and straight-shooting achievership; workplaces where employees understand their goals and are able to easily meet them.

Talk Talk Talk

An extremely common workplace (and let’s face it, outside of the workplace) pitfall is talking too much. Part of the problem with talking too much, is that it demonstrates that the person (or people) talking don’t know when, or how, to listen. By allowing meaningful spaces and gaps in conversation, you’re allowing the airtime for others to share their ideas, and to think about your ideas.

Social Capital

Social media and social interaction is a large part of our lives inside and outside of the workplace. Knowing where to leave social conversations and social spaces, and where to begin professional work-spaces is a delicate art. Think about how you’re spending your work time; are you being productive? Are you having conversations at work which would be better suited to after work drinks? A good way to keep your motivation directed towards working, is to think about how your work ethic affects your colleagues. Work that you don’t complete is often work that they are left with – and that’s not very friendly behaviour.

Procrastination Nation

Social media, YouTube, online shopping.

These are some of the delightful ways you can spend time on the internet. They are also highly effective procrastination tools – stealing huge chunks of your time and energy. Save your heavy usage of these for after hours – you’ll immediately see a benefit in your productivity (and you won’t really miss that cat video your second cousin posted – it will be there later when you check Facebook at home).

Workplaces can be spaces which are enjoyable and productive – it just takes a little bit of care and thought. With some of the above ideas in your arsenal, hopefully you’ll be more ready to navigate the minefield, and you’ll be ready to react in case of any mis-steps.

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