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Workspace Trends to Combat Great Resignation

by Olufisayo
Workspace Trends to Combat Great Resignation


Witnessing the third generation of business, today’s workforce is not working for survival. First-generation businesses had a workforce because of Survival needs, the second generation focused more on enhancing the standard of living but in the third generation the workforce already has enough for Survival & Standard of living, hence, today’s workforce is neither working to meet survival needs nor to meet the standard of living.

Employees today strive for quality of life or what is known as “Employee Experience.” Employees these days are jumping jobs where they don’t have the quality of Jobs or workplaces, hence, leading to “The Great Resignation”

The great resignation is an economic trend followed by employees. Regardless of the pay, individuals are quitting their employment because of lacking employee experience in their current positions. The aftereffects of the revolution led to organizations recognizing the importance of employees & as a result enhancing the employee experience.

Leading companies now believe existing employees are an asset to their company & it is better to retain & satisfy existing employees instead of hiring fresh talent & train them, which would involve training & is a time taking process wasting a lot of money & time, therefore, it is critical to enhancing employee experience in order to retain or satisfy existing employees.

So, Here Are 5 Tips on How to Combat the Great Resignation in Your Company:

Interiors/ Work Surroundings-

The Work Surroundings at work have a big impact on Employees’ productivity. Employees today do not need big-sized but well-designed offices. Businesses with intuitive, well-structured layouts help employees in many ways like moving from one department to another & more.

Creative & aesthetically designed workspaces can enhance the productivity of an employee.  At the same time appropriate hygiene, temperature, lighting, sound & furniture can set a workplace apart than the rest.

Contactless Amenities

Besides work interiors, amenities provided at a workplace are the next important factor. Even since COVID created the need for it, Contactless Amenities are a terrific approach to reinventing Employee & Guest experience at workspaces. Contactless amenities let you perform several tasks like Booking meeting rooms, ordering beverages/ snacks, accessing spaces & more with just a few taps on your device ensuring not only the convenience of performing tasks but also ensuring prevention of various infections. As a result, employees feel comfortable & secure at their workspaces.

Tech-Driven Spaces

In today’s ultra-advanced times where companies are exploring cutting-edge technological opportunities to fulfil corporate goals, it’s high time we use technology to benefit employees as well. AI & IoT are no more future but present. AI & IOT have tremendous capacities to transform employee & workspace experience.

Booking meeting rooms, ordering snacks & Beverages, access to the workspace, and desk booking are some of the important features of a tech-enabled workspace. Check out how Smartworks, a managed office space company is assisting several Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 companies attain equilibrium with its Managed office space solutions.

Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid working model is a mix of Onsite working, Remote working (WFH) & both on an alternative basis. The hybrid work model works beneficially for both the employer & employee.

With flexibility in working style, the business model lets employees at their convenience multiply their productivity multiple times whereas a divided workforce working from the office or another as per the timing lets the employer make the best use of services available as per the planning.

The Hybrid working model has been gaining tremendous popularity not only overseas but in India as well. Hybrid workspaces in Pune, Noida, and Gurgaon like are flourishing well & are a big hit amongst employees.


Employees spend most of their day in their workplaces. To keep employees satisfied companies try to provide the best amenities to their employees like a Gym/ Yoga Room/ Zumba Sesh for their fitness, playrooms for adults to unwind & relax, fx, food/ Beverages/Snacks available at employees’ convenience, Creche rooms to keep the employees’ kids safe & entertained, Snooze rooms/ sleeping pods for better rest, retail outlets to fulfil their grocery needs & what not.  Employers today understand employee productivity can only be enhanced only when their tasks are made easier. Check out how these office spaces in Noida take care of various employee needs & help them excel better.


Summing up, any & every employee would want health safety, a Flexible style of working, Tech-enabled amenities that supports productivity, and creative & aesthetic work surroundings.

Besides this Hybrid work culture seems lucrative & convenient to employees & can help entrepreneurs minimize costs. With the rapid growth in technology managed office space in Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Bangalore has been a huge success for both employers & employees.

The most effective solution for the Hybrid work model is Managed office spaces. Managed office spaces can ease several managerial tasks for employers, reduce costs & enhance and make your business a huge success, to know more on how managed office spaces can be a smart solution for your company’s success visit Smartworks.

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