Promoting Your Business with Printed Flyers

Among the vast array of promotion strategies available, flyers are a tried and tested method that can really produce returns on your marketing budget. Not only are they reliable, but they can stand out from the crowd of online ads that flood the market.

Whereas more and more businesses are turning to online advertisements and pop-ups, those businesses who still take the time to deploy focused, well-designed leaflets can reap the benefits of working in the off-line world.

When customers turn off their PCs, all those advertisements vanish – but well-placed leaflets cannot be switched off in the same way. Even if temporarily swept to one side, flyers may emerge from a pile of mail a week later and end up in a handbag or pocket, or being passed to a friend. Their material presence plugs all those gaps in consumer visibility that a switched-off PC is never going to reach.

Printed Business Flyers

These possibilities aside, flyer printing is cheap, and can be carefully positioned to attract exactly the right kind of market for you. What is more, the arresting design and content can be made precisely to your specifications at no extra cost. How can this method of promotion be used to maximise its effectiveness?

Going digital

Thanks to the advent of digital printing, there’s no need to print thousands of loosely-targeted leaflets in the hope that some will end up in the right place. Rather than wasting budget and squandering the capacity of your flyers to drive a focused promotion project, digital printing runs are short and economical. These short runs demand a very focused publicity strategy, which means designing leaflets and knowing precisely what they are saying to whom.

A set of customer criteria can be closely met and your promotion message kept short and punchy, because flyers can be very precisely targeted. Structure your flyers tightly and get second and third opinions on content and design. A flyer printing company will often guide you with their expertise when it comes to finalising design.

Going bright

One of the most important design features of leaflets is colour. Marketing your organisation in newspapers and other publications is often restricted (depending on the publication) to black and white. Due to the versatility of digital printing and the fact you can decide upon these features at no extra cost, full colour printing is inexpensive and extremely effective. Monochrome has been shown to be less successful at attracting customers than full-colour adverts. This choice alone will grab your audience’s attention.

The ability of leaflets to catch the eye of prospective customers is another advantage that should not be overlooked. While adverts on a page or screen compete with other distractions to win over customers’ attention, flyers are self-sufficient, and once they have caught someone’s eye, they are more likely to hold their gaze.

Going to the threshold

Flyers enable your business to get as close as possible to potential buyers. After assessing the market and deciding upon a set of criteria that your leaflets need to fulfil to appeal to a chosen sector, and designing them accordingly, this is a publicity method whose focus is critical.

The flyer printing method you choose will further refine your promotion strategy, ensuring that the ratio of leaflets to sales is as small as possible. Digital printing and high-impact design are the first two steps in a process that culminates in well-chosen positioning. Whether you go for letter box drops, newspaper inserts, or relevant venues, bear your target audience firmly in mind.

Letter box drops have the advantage of being localised, but may be a blind approach if your product is not post-code dependent. Newspapers can channel your leaflets to their readership, but the demographic must be matched and the newspaper itself may prove a distraction.

Positioning flyers in specific locations, such as hotel lobbies, supermarkets, corner shops, restaurants, sports centres or libraries can be effective as people tend to have more time on their hands when shopping or at leisure, and are more likely to pick up your flyers. Railway stations, post offices, tourist offices – the list goes on.

As a method of business promotion, the recycling of leaflets through different venues and pairs of hands can keep on generating revenue.

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