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3 Ways to Make Your Personal Business More Professional

by Olufisayo
3 Ways to Make Your Personal Business More Professional

Creating your own business is a brave and sometimes scary prospect. You are taking a risk, and it is important to prepare yourself the best you can. Personal businesses are becoming more and more common. Through use of the internet, more people are now becoming entrepreneurs. People are quitting the jobs they’ve hated for years and branching out on their own. It has never been easier to start your own business than it is today.

But just because it’s easy to start doesn’t mean it’s easy to maintain. It is important to give your business the best possible chance of survival. Depending on the sector you’re in you may experience and early boom. Or you may struggle to make ends meet.

But there are ways in which you can ensure that you get the best for your business. Making your personal business more professional will help attract interest and clientele.

There are many techniques you can apply to your business model to appear more professional.

Here are three:

3 Ways to Make Your Personal Business More Professional


Branding is one of the most important and most difficult parts of starting a personal business. To begin with picking the right name is vital. It needs to convey what your business ethos is, whilst also being memorable and snappy.

Once you settle on a name it will be necessary to sort out a logo and tagline for your business. These are all part of your brand, so they need to be perfect. You need to convey professionalism and experience at all times.

Think about getting some tangible branding for your business. This may include cards, fliers, slogans, etc. There are several facilities and businesses both on and offline that can help. Many companies will allow you to order things like pamphlets and custom label printing for your brand.

It is important set yourself apart from the crowd. Running your own business is a competitive and  uncertain prospect. You want to give yourself the best chance you can of success and longevity.

3 Ways to Make Your Personal Business More Professional

Phone number

Getting a business phone number may seem like a frivolous suggestion but could make all the difference. Think about how much more professional you will seem with a company landline rather than a mobile or cell phone.

You should be able to get a phone line put in at little cost. Though if you have internet, it’s likely there will be a phone line already. In that case just get it activated and get assigned a number.

Make sure that every time you answer the phone the business name is used. It also avoids clients hearing embarrassing voicemail greetings that you’ve had for years.

This is a sensible way of separating business and pleasure and preserves your professional image.


Email links to the same principles as getting a business phone number. It looks a lot more professional emailing from a dedicated business address than your personal Hotmail one!

Also, you want to maintain a positive branding image throughout the business. It needs to be consistent, and a business email along with a phone number helps.

A further advantage is that you can add an email tag. This means that every email received by the client will have your tag, and business name attached. This is great for maintaining branding and continuing to be memorable.

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