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Tips on Building Your Small Business Brand’s Image

by Olufisayo
Building Your Small Business Brand

Branding is an important part of your business. Your brand is synonymous to the business itself and building it the right way is an effective tool for success. Here is a constructive step-by-step way achieve brand success.


Define your brand

Try to look at your brand and how you truly see it. What is your business’s main goals and vision? What do you really aspire for? Who is your target audience. Try and go into specifics and put in as much detail about your business. Connect your brand identity with the needs of your clients and make sure that this definition makes you unique.

Create a unique logo

Your brand’s logo is just about the first thing your clients can see whenever they visit your site or see an advertisement placement. For this reason, you have to make sure that your logo is personalized and not easily forgettable. Your logo should reflect who you are as a company and try to put in creative quirks that will make it unique.

Building Your Small Business Brand

Write a creative tag line

A catchy tag line never fails to  attract customers. Your tag line should be concise, to the point and relevant to your brand’s identity. Incorporate your tag line in emails, your site and other marketing campaigns. Make sure that your tag line pertains to great customer service and quality.

Choose a color scheme and other formats for your brand

Create a template on how your brand should look – whether in emails or ads and others – and make sure that you have the same placement all throughout. This will make clients see that the particular feel and look of your brand is standardized and organized. A single color scheme is also important. Apply this within your site, your packaging, order forms and others.

Consistently apply your identity in everything you do

There are many steps involved within the process of your operations – from attracting prospects to communicating with clients to the execution of orders or delivery. In each of these steps, always be consistent and apply your brand’s identity, from the use of a single color scheme to carrying out customer service.

Foster long-term relationships with clients

Include a specific approach in your identity’s brand when it comes to customer relationships. This will help you see and create the type of atmosphere you should incorporate in your communications with customers. Do this with a view of establishing strong, mutually satisfying relationships with your clients. This will help you gain more referrals with loyal customers.

Final note: Be innovative and stand for what you believe in

With so many competitors in the market, you need to be prepared to create a unique perspective for your brand. Since your enterprise is your passion, pour your efforts into it and make sure that your passion shows through. This will help clients see that you’re not just another company but a unique enterprise that stands out.

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