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4 Qualities to Look For In a Video Production Company

by Olufisayo
Video Production Company

If there’s a type of content that internet viewers generally enjoy, it’s videos. This claim is supported by the fact that viewership on famous social media platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, has grown exponentially ever since 2017.

Additionally, videos do a better job retaining a user’s attention span than any other content. Lastly, videos, compared with other types of content, are easily shareable, which means that they’re more likely to increase your brand’s visibility.

So, if you want to harness the benefits that video content brings to your brand, it’s important that you only work with professional and reliable video production companies, such as Square Daisy. By doing so, you’ll have video content that suits your brand’s needs.

To help you select the right video production company, check out these qualities:

1. Professionalism

Before working with a video production company, it’s in your best interest to look into their portfolio. Always remember, that quality is more important than quantity. This means that you shouldn’t immediately reject a starting video production company as they may have the skills to create amazing videos too.

When looking at a video company’s portfolio, have these questions in mind:

  • Is the output detailed?
  • Is the final video easy to understand?
  • Do its sample videos match your company’s vibe?
  • Do its sample videos have the right tone? If not, are you confident that it can handle your project effectively and creatively?

Knowing the answers to these questions is essential as it will provide more information about the video company, including a look into its different video editing styles that will help your own project later on.

Apart from the portfolio, look at how professionally the company conducts itself. Does it respect deadlines? Does it work exactly as agreed upon? Does it provide a contract where all agreements are carefully detailed and documented?

2. Legitimate customer testimonials

Nowadays, anyone can create testimonials that appear as if the company has plenty of satisfied customers. Fortunately, you can easily gauge a genuine customer testimonial. Note that a video production company that has plenty of legitimate customer testimonials means that you’ll most likely be satisfied with the work it’ll do on your project.

To know if a video production company has genuine testimonials, cross-check the information with other reviews and check the profile of the reviewers. Fake testimonials would likely carry generic names which can be generated online. The contents of the testimonials, too, would not be too similar if they’re genuine. What are the chances a few different strangers would phrase their ideas in the same manner?

3. Creativity

In spite of the fact that video content can be a very powerful marketing tool, it’s not a given that any ordinary video can generate a high return on investment (ROI). This is especially true as there are now plenty of video companies these days. Because the market is already saturated, you may find videos that have the same styles and formats.

If you truly want to make your videos stand out, make sure the company you’re working with has creativity. You’ll know if the video production company possesses creativity if their sample portfolio varies in trends or art styles. Look for innovation as well. Is there something unique about the way the company does its work or its actual output?

4. Passion

Ideally, you want to work with a company that’s passionate about its line of work. To know a company’s passion, take note of how interested it is in your video project. Is the company interested in elevating your initial plan? These indicators will give you a glimpse of a video production company’s passion.

In addition to passion, you must also ensure that you’re hiring a company that’s considered an expert in its niche; all passion and no skill will take you nowhere. Even if hiring a video production expert can be expensive initially, it’ll be a worthy investment as you’ll have peace of mind that the company will churn out high-quality output.


It’s crucial that any video content you’re planning to create and use is always of high quality. This is because videos that are poorly edited, low-resolution, as well as those with too many cuts and effects can bring the opposite effects of what you’re hoping for your videos, damaging your brand.

So, regardless of the video’s purpose––whether for marketing or information––ensure that it’ll attract a viewer’s attention. To do so, have a team that has the skills needed to create a compelling video. Choose a video production company that is professional, well-loved by its clients, creative, and passionate so that you can create a video that suits your business needs.


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