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Importance of Applying Video Content Strategy in Marketing

by Olufisayo
Video Content Strategy in Marketing

How closely do you observe the hoardings on the roadside? Not very often. Marketing a product is always a strenuous job, and undeniably the pictures or hoardings do make an impact. But, the human brain tends to shift its attention from such a single captured/painted picture to the motion picture.

Videos have double the impact as that of the vibrant image advertisements. There is a certain magic that such videos carry which appeal to the audience, unlike any other form of marketing strategy.

According to recent statistics, it has been proven that almost 70% of businesses have started applying video strategy into marketing, out of which nearly 85% of companies have expressed their positive response towards this type of marketing, saying that this update is essential.

Since the past five years, the trend of marketing through videos have started on the course of being widely accepted and has now proven to be the most effective form of communicating to people. The previous reports have also shown that almost 83% of businesses have attributed their high ROI to video marketing.

As the present generation spend most of their time on the internet, advertising and marketing through all the available online platforms is ideal. The businesses that are planning to adapt to the video marketing trend could be skeptical about the future of it, and its benefits on the company.

The reviews and reports can be trusted in this case, as stepping into that zone is only going to boom your enterprise to unprecedented heights. Visit omniworldwide.com for video marketing guidance or assistance. Here are the three major reasons which prove that implementing the video strategies into a company’s marketing is highly beneficial.

1. Impact on the Conversions and Sales of a Company

In many of the annual reviews, it has been stated that videos work much more than any other form of marketing these days, regardless of the category under which it is deployed. Conversions have recorded an increase of almost 80% with the introduction of videos for a product.

Videos also possess the ability to please the viewers and bring them to the stores. The statistics have cemented this fact by hitting a record of 75% of the viewers turning out into buyers.

2. Impact on the ROI

Over the years, it has been proven that marketing through videos is beneficial, but is also equally an exhausting task. It is high time for all the business enterprises that have not yet started exploring this field of marketing to pick this technique and leverage on its potentials.

Almost 83% of businesses strongly believe that the product videos that they produced had a key role in boosting their ROIs. As technology is developing day by day, the tools to make and edit videos are being created in various ranges. This improvement in the techniques has resulted in providing the users with essential tools at an affordable price.

Also, the picture quality and edits do not have an equal role in increasing the number of customers as that of the content produced.

3. Google has a propensity towards videos

Trust towards a particular company or brand increases with the time that one spends on its website. Many may disagree with this, but it is a proven fact. More than half of the customers are direct entries from the site to the store. With the increased traffic, the website grows by signalling the search engines that the page contains meaningful content.

When a video has been embedded on the site, the chances for it to pop up on the first place are quite high (about 53 times more likely). YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform, and since it is owned by Google now, adding product videos is undoubtedly going to rocket the company’s reputation and sales.

Apart from these three major reasons, video marketing is highly preferred these days also because:

  • People have started spending more time on their smartphones, where the scope for product videos is much more than that on the desktops.
  • The videos engage the viewers and turn even the laziest of them into potential buyers.
  • The subject that is being conveyed is elaborated more in videos.


With every passing day, the scope of video marketing is increasing, so is the demand for the tools and equipment to produce videos. Creativity matters a lot when it comes to making such videos, and it is those people with artistic and creative minds who have to create appealing content.

Along with the methods of making the videos, it is also good to know about how and why this technique works. Get it planned and executed, and be surprised by the results.

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