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Pull Marketing Is Better Than Push Marketing: 4 Ways of Selling Your Products Without Being Pushy

by Olufisayo
Pull Marketing Is Better Than Push Marketing

There’s one thing that puts people off more than anything when trying to sell online (or offline) these days – and that’s pushy sales pitches. You might have been able to get away with pushing people to make a purchase in the past, but those days are gone.

Nowadays, you’ve got to offer a more sophisticated sales pitch when you’re trying to get someone to convert to a sale. In this article, we’re going to look at a few non-pushy sales techniques, also known as “pull” marketing. Hopefully one or more of them could be enough to revitalize your business and help you make more of the sort of sales you need to succeed.

Pull marketing relies a lot on creating a demand for a product without appearing like you’re trying too hard to sell it. Opportunities to do this have increased with social media and the ability to create a viral hit without it ever really seeming like a sales pitch. That way you can spread the word organically and powerfully without seeming like one of those pushy sales companies.

Social Media Marketing

While pull marketing has been around for a while – it’s got a lot easier in recent years. And that’s because of the huge growth in popularity of social media. If you can create a viral social media hit, you’ll have thousands (or more) people talking about you and your brand without you ever really having to try hard to sell your product.

Even if you don’t get one of those huge viral sensations, promoting entertaining content to your followers can still help your business. Every time someone “likes” one of your posts on social media, they’ll be sharing it with their extended friend network and telling new people about your products.

Create an engaging social media presence and offer value to your followers (discounts, exclusive offers) and you should see your following grow – along with your business. You can even create presentations with automatic animations and tie them into your social media posts to really wow your followers.

Product Placement

You might think product placement is only for huge brands trying to get on television or into movies – but that isn’t really the case anymore. With social media, you can get your products placed with internet celebrities much more easily than you think.

This can be another great way to create demand without seeming pushy. Simply reach out and find a relevant Instagram personality that you can send your products to and get them to use. Some might need payment, whereas others will be happy to use your products for free depending on how big a presence they’ve got.

Content Marketing

Another great way of creating a demand for your product without seeming pushy is with content marketing. You can write quality articles about topics related to your product without ever really trying to hard to sell your product itself. You then simply put a relevant author byline in that links to you and your site. This gets you both residual clicks and also helps rank your site on Google.

Hopefully, you’ve seen how the right pull marketing could make a huge difference to your site and business. More and more businesses like yours are deciding to use pull marketing techniques to help get ahead of the competition.

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