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5 Effective Dental Patient Marketing Methods

by Olufisayo
Dental Patient Marketing Methods

All dental practices understand the importance of dental patient marketing. Marketing is very important if someone wants his practice to thrive. It is very easy to know that you should market your dental practice; however, it is difficult to know how to do that.

For this purpose Lamas Dental is the best option to choose. Their practice provides a large variety of periodontal and implants procedures. Their doctors offer a variety of services including oral surgery, gum disease treatment; sedation treatments etc. for more practices, using an amalgam of different dental marketing methods will yield the best results.

Here is a list of 5 effective dental patient marketing strategies which anyone can use to market his dental practice.

Dental Patient Marketing Methods

  1. Identify your target audience:

This is the first step to start a successful dental marketing campaign. It is easy to say that all dental practices will have the same audience but reality is little bit different. Identifying your target audience means that you have to research carefully about who need your campaign to appeal to. A pediatric dentist would say that his target audience is children but actually it is parents because parents are the decision makers.

  1. Build a community on social media:

Social media including online internet facilities is the best way to reach out to the potential patients and build strengthen relationships. When someone follows you on social media, he will have a constant connection with you year-round.  For example, Facebook is an excellent platform that dental practice can use to build communication with patients. In addition to staying in touch, you can also update them with latest information. Also, you can collect reviews from your patients. This will help in providing new patients with more potential touch-points and a better impression when they find you.

  1. Create a strong well designed site:

It is necessary to create a strong well designed site because it is possible that the first interaction between you and your patient will be on your site so your site must make a first good impression. Your site should look profession, it should be well-organized for easy navigation and be through in the information it gives to its visitors.

  1. AppointmentReminders:

Growing your practice is not about attracting new patients. It is also important to maintain the relationships with existing patients. Sending them appointment reminders or reminders to schedule their appointment is a great way to make sure that they are getting the care they need. Appointment reminders can be in the form of e-mails, texts,phone calls, post cards etc.

  1. Newsletters:

It is also a kind of content marketing. It is about reaching out to them instead of hoping that they would come to you. Newsletters should contain snippets of valuable information that you want your audience will see. While sending newsletters, it is also necessary to ask patients to send in frequently otherwise they will send you to spam. If you make it valuable, people will be happy to see it in their inbox.


There are different more ways of dental marketing but all the five methods mentioned above are effective. Use a combination of dental marketing strategies and you will see an increase in the appointments. While considering some dental marketing techniques you should also consider some management tips. Also put your knowledge of your patients first and use that information to connect with them on the platforms they are on and use the keywords you think they would be searching for. No matter which dental marketing strategy you are using to promote your dental practice, great dental practices start and end with understanding the audience. It also includes what offers are available to them and what appeals to their needs.

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