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5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Employee

by Olufisayo
Hiring the Perfect Employee

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, you want to make sure you hire motivated and hard-working members to your team. Doing so will allow them to seamlessly integrate into your company culture and actually save you money from a bad employee who might make costly mistakes.

To ensure you welcome the best worker to your team, you need to follow certain steps. Keep reading to see our five tips on hiring the perfect employee below.

1. Create a thorough job description

The first step to hiring the perfect candidate is posting a thorough job description. A vague job description that doesn’t detail the duties, qualifications, and job summary will leave your inbox flooded with dozens, or even hundreds of unqualified candidates. A detailed job description will allow most prospects to determine for themselves whether they fit the bill.

To create a thorough job description, follow these tips:

● Start with a company description that outlines the services or products your business sells
● Provide a job summary that details the day to day processes this employee might expect
● Created a bulleted list of responsibilities and duties the employee is expected to have
● List the qualifications the employee must have, such as education and certifications
● Provide information on where to apply, whether online or through a mailed-in application

Once you’ve written a detailed job description, post it on multiple job hiring sites! Some popular job hiring sites include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

2. Host a series of interviews

Once you begin receiving applications in the mail, sort through them and create a pile of qualified and unqualified applicants to interview. It’s important to remember that you abide by all laws, as you can face fines and even punishments for not hiring based on race, sex, age, religion, and so forth.

With a list of qualified applicants, reach out to them and begin with a phone interview. A phone interview will allow applicants to go into more detail on what they provided on their resume and cover letter. Once you continue to narrow down the applicant pool, bring the remaining candidates in for in-person interviews. Scheduling an in-person interviewwill allow you to understand their personality better and have a more in-depth conversation with them.

3. Conduct a background check

Unfortunately, someone may look amazing on paper but are hiding a secret past. This is why it’s essential you conduct an online background check. An online background check will give you important information, such as:

● Employment history
● Credit check
● Criminal check
● Federal watch lists
● Current and previous addresses
● National sex offender registry

A background check is important because it gives you peace of mind that an applicant is who they say they are. After all, you don’t want to hire a financial analyst who has a history of bad credit and spending.

4. Give your employees a say

If you’re the boss, you’re most likely not on the floor with your employees as they work. You’re either hosting business calls, attending meetings, traveling to clients, and forth, which is why it’s important you give your employees a say in the interview process. They know the company culture best and can determine who will blend right in with their team. Whether you’re hiring a seasonal employee or an entire social media team, let employees ask questions during an interview. Doing so will make your current employees feel more valued and respected at your company.5. Design a smooth onboarding process

Once you’ve made the offer letter and the candidate accepted, you want to ensure you have a comprehensive onboarding process in check. More likely than not, your current employees have a lot on their plate and don’t have a lot of time to train a new hire without falling behind. With a smooth onboarding process, your new team member will be able to grab the bull by the horns and get right to work once their training is done.

Wrapping up

Hiring the perfect candidate is essential to the growth of your business. After all, studies have found that one bad hire can cost a company up to $15,000, which is an expensive mistake! To ensure you build the best team, follow these five steps outlined above.

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