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7 Marketing Secrets Used By Top Instagram Influencers

by Olufisayo
Marketing Secrets Used By Top Instagram Influencers

Even your granny is probably using Instagram these days. Instagram is now one of the world’s top Social Networks, it has reached an overwhelming 1 Billion monthly users just 2 weeks ago!

You can literally reach out to the billions in an instant and can even get to know about a billion others users. Just because there is such an enormous users base it is getting harder and harder to stand out and get the attention you are looking for from such a huge social network as Instagram.

That’s why running marketing campaigns on Instagram is getting more and more popular. If you want to leverage the power of Instagram at its full potential just keep reading…

Marketing Secrets Used By Top Instagram Influencers

There are a number of secrets that Instagram influencers use and this article will help you know them right away.

So, get ready to learn how Instagram can be your new primary marketing platform.

Content scheduling

Did you know that you can schedule your content on Instagram? Apps like Buffer and Later can help plan your content way in advance and this will help you cut worries about posting content continuously. Simply, sequence the posts on these apps and your followers will keep hearing from you on a regular basis.

Research on hashtags

The hashtags that you use can also make a world of difference in some cases when talking about engagement. Moreover, you need to understand that hashtags like #love can be viral, but your content will just get submerged and lost in the deluge of posts on this hashtag. Therefore, research on which hashtags are unique and still trending, and leverage them.

Draft posts

If you don’t want to publish something right away, you can still create the content and keep it saved as a draft. The next time you want to post it, simply pull it out and post it. This way, you will be able to create content at your own will and will be able to share it whenever you want.

Apps for rendering

You can certainly use some apps to edit the pictures that you post on Instagram. The number of Instagram likes that you get is largely dependent on the quality of the images that you post online. Apps like Snapseed and Facetune can be great options to get this done.

Behind the scenes

People usually like to see what happened behind the scenes of any theater act or any short movie. Therefore, if you post some behind the scenes content, then certainly you will get a lot of Instagram likes. It also can be used as a trailer to your upcoming short film or vlog.

Seeking for engagement

Getting lots of engagement on that amazing picture that you have just took can make you feel marvelous, but actually not just that, getting a lot of attention helps your Instagram page grow, more and more people start following you as the posts reach more and more Instagram users.

To accelerate this process more and more people opt for Instagram marketing campaigns from companies such as BuySocialMediaMarketing which offer guaranteed Instagram Likes with just 30 minutes delivery. That works perfectly well when a freshly uploaded post need a little boost to reach more people. These Instagram campaigns can go a long way to create credibility for your page.

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