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The 6 Best Competitors and Alternatives to Active Campaign – 2020 Special!

by Olufisayo
Active Campaign Alternatives

With the new year and the new decade in our lives, we have much to look forward to. Doing business and succeeding in business has changed massively in this past decade and the decade before that, which has basically brought in the era of all things digital – which is here to stay.

With terms and tools like CRM and marketing automation becoming common business jargon, the race is to now find alternatives to Active Campaign and other such popular platforms like Agile CRM so that we may find affordable and easy to use tools for small and medium enterprises that are ready to embrace growth as well. 

So what does Active Campaign actually do? 

Active Campaign is a marketing automation platform. It helps you integrate the CRM aspect along with marketing automation so that your entire team can work the various tasks efficiently within the sale pipeline that the platform helps you set.

Yet, there are many businesses looking for alternatives to Active Campaign for the simple reason that the affordability factor is missing when it comes to small businesses and small teams. Also, the platform does not offer very easy setup options which makes it difficult to setup and use.

Another reason why businesses are looking for an Active Campaign alternative is the fact that it does not offer the constant support that others like Agile CRM and Engage Bay would typically offer. 

Here are the top 6 competitors and alternatives to Active Campaign that you would need to take stock of:

1. EngageBay: Amongst all the Active Campaign alternatives, this can easily be rated as the best because it more than makes up for all the areas in which Active Campaign misses the bus! Not only is it super affordable with many plans that support small teams and even big businesses, it also offers easy setup with complete support at time of the day. You can also avail their entire suite of services that brings in marketing automation across all your platforms like email, social media and so much more, along with CRM so that your data is merged with your efforts.

2. Drip: This is basically an email marketing platform with a built in CRM element which helps you tap into your database with well designed and marketed emails that can even be tracked. Yet, it is not one of the best Active Campaign alternatives for the simple reason that it does not automate the rest of your marketing efforts and seems to be low on the support aspect as well. 
3. Mail Jet: With Mail Jet, you get to build your emails with many available templates which also eliminates the need for coding that many small businesses often struggle with. This platform helps you automate and integrate your contact management with the email marketing efforts so that you can send, track and analyze all in one place even as you nurture leads and try to make a conversion. 
4. SendinBlue: This is one of the best known email marketing services that helps you also tap into the various aspects of marketing like SMS and chat. As an Active Campaign alternative, it is a good and well knownplatform that helps you tap into the database management for your email marketing efforts alone. 
5. Get Response: Get Response is another well knownplatform that helps you drive engagement and reach your audience via email so that you can measure their responses and track the emails in the same place. It also offers you many templates that you can choose from and allows you to manage your contact information so that you are able to merge the information with your efforts. 
6. Convert Kit: Convert Kit promises to help your grow your business with its email marketing software. Yet, it is not the ideal Active Campaign alternative because it does not offer an easy to use interface and it is not entirely affordable for small and upcoming businesses and small teams. 

Of all the platforms reviewed above, EngageBay would offer you most value for money thanks to its affordable pricing, full features and its easy to use interface with constant support as well. This makes it the best Active Campaign alternative.

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