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Here’s What No One Tells You about B2B Marketing

by Olufisayo
B2B Marketing

Applying marketing strategies to a B2B (business-to-business) model is more challenging than all other genres of business.

Selling to other businesses is not an easy task. One doesn’t know where to start. The common hurdles include – gaining visibility, avoiding back and forth with gate-keepers, meeting decision-makers, justifying demand, and so on.

The B2B Marketing field has evolved heavily due to the growth of the internet in the last decade. This has also made this field highly competitive.

The execution of comprehensive strategies for B2B Marketing is extremely important in order to achieve the desired results.

In recent years, businesses have been using a mix of old-school and new-school marketing methods to boost sales. Within B2B marketing, it is important to conduct thorough research before devising a marketing plan, and if your internal team isn’t up-to-date with certain procedures, you must hire an expert.

To give you more perspective on the topic, here is what no one tells you about B2B marketing:

B2B Marketing

  • Content Generation and Content Placement can get you miraculous results

Fifteen years back, who knew Google would change all of our lives to this extent. Today, we cannot have a successful business without constantly winning search results.

A Business’s brand is judged based on what one finds on the internet in relation to the company and its products or services. Of course, along with this, it is also important to win all relative keyword results for your business. Content Generation is an all-in-one solution to cater to both of these necessities.

Not only is content crucial for B2B marketing, but thankfully content marketing is also an affordable option for businesses. Getting in the Google Ads race for competitive keywords is essential but consistent creation of content and distribution all across the world wide web can save you a lot of marketing dollars by reducing the need for higher ad budgets.

Like any form of marketing, B2B marketing’s goal is to acquire a specific kind of audience. Generally speaking, you want to have enough content out there so that you attract businesses that are your potential clients as well as customers of those businesses so that you create a demand for your product or service.

Content marketing results in quality lead generation that ultimately attracts customers to the company’s brand. B2B marketing heavily relies on great content marketing.

  • Keeping up with new-age technological trends

With the new day and age, technology has become complex, and almost a necessity, part of daily and work life, including B2B marketing. As soon as content marketing is implemented, technology should become a distributor of information in order to increase sales.

Various aspects of marketing a business that sells to other businesses require a strong knowledge of technologies that cater to the management of social media, content distribution, ads, analytics, press releases, and so on.

Using these technological ways of circulation, businesses ultimately uphold the standard of their brand and create positive impressions for their different kinds of customers.

To name a few, Hootsuite, SEO PowerSuite, Mailchimp, Cision and WordStream are some marketing-tech platforms that are doing well in their respective niche offerings.

It is not easy to maximize gains from tech platforms. Hence it is important to have a dedicated team to work on all of your MarTech applications.

Due to its revolutionary mark upon the world, the Internet and overall technology have an impact on all fields of work, and B2B marketing has a lot to gain from the same.

  • Advertise with a Podcast

While promoting products and services through social media, email marketing, and other tech platforms help, B2B marketing seriously benefits from a cool podcast. Even with a few thousand listeners, a company’s mission and deliverables can go a long way.

With a podcast, the content researched is delivered to potential clients and other various listeners that become very interested in the products available. From there, there is an opportunity to even invite experts on the podcast as special guests.

Over time, the podcast can potentially become popular enough to invite a series of important and well-knowledged people that will be willing to do business due to the personal relationship developed during this period of time. It is a great way to build connections.

A face-to-face connection via a podcast provides a string of loyal customers as well as an entertaining podcast that essentially advertises the products and services of the company, and cements your brand’s place in the related industry.

  • Referral Marketing

The act of referring a product or a service to a friend, family member, colleague, or even online has been recorded as an advantage that any marketing strategy should take.

Not only it is the cheapest and one of the most effective steps of B2B marketing, referral marketing is simple to achieve.

Getting referrals reduces the risk of the unknown, which is very important in B2B marketing, as every decision is calculated due to the marketers’ responsibility for purchasing a quality product or service.

A recommendation ultimately provides trust of the company, which is a great trait for any brand out there.

There are also ways to structure referral partner programs with other websites on the internet, in order to drive traffic to your business. This way you can generate a lot of online traction for your business from various sources.

By making the referrals accessible and easy to understand for any potential user, the referral marketing can do wonders for the company utilizing the B2B marketing strategy.

Some companies even make submitting referrals a fun time, as customers will get a number of points for recommending and endorsing their product.

Easy and cost-effective referral marketing is considered as the holy grail for any B2B marketing model.

Like any other form of marketing, experimentation is encouraged, be it more distribution in tech platforms or just a creative idea. A unique plan can ultimately pave the way to a new strategic path that ultimately should be welcomed by the company.

All in all, while Content Marketing is perhaps the most important portion of B2B marketing, a successful combination of all of the above techniques takes the model to the next level.

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