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Marketing Gone Grand: Benefits of a Multiple Domain Strategy

by Olufisayo
Benefits of a Multiple Domain Strategy

A multiple domain strategy isn’t a very popular SEO practice. But it can work out beautifully in the right situation, as is proven by Zillow. When done well, this technique can help you dominate a certain set of keywords and give your business a big boost. It’s a great tool for brand promoting your brand as opposed to a single website.

Main Benefits of Using a Multiple Domain Strategy

Benefits of a Multiple Domain Strategy

1.       Bigger Web Presence

The more websites you have, the bigger is your brand’s online presence. It doesn’t matter if the majority of those websites are rather simple and even if their visitors don’t click through to your main pages. As long as they’ve been exposed to your brand/content/product/service, you earn some marketing points.

This exposure is also how you raise brand awareness and loyalty.

2.      Optimization for Search Engines Other Than Google

Google remains an undisputed leader in the global search engine market with 86.87% of the market share. However, there are certain markets where Google isn’t the leader, like China with Baidu. If you target these specific markets or simply want to get some exposure with these search engines’ users as well, a multiple domain strategy allows this.

You won’t have to interfere with the Google optimization of your main website, but will get some extra boosts from other traffic. Note that when setting up websites to target different markets, you’ll need a good server capable of hosting unlimited domains. Your host should be able to accommodate traffic peaks in different time zones.

3.      Referral Traffic

Additional traffic to your main website is the main reason the majority of businesses use a multiple domain strategy. To get the most benefits this way, you should build a variety of helpful microsites revolving around a single topic. For example, if you are a clothes retailer, you can have a site with fashion news, another one with style tips, and one more with reviews.

You can also use this opportunity to build up links, which will help you improve SEO of all pages involved. To truly maximize the benefits of referral traffic, integrate local marketing with your multiple domain strategy. Target different counties or cities (if you can afford that many websites).

Remember that in order to draw in organic traffic, all your websites must be good, even the micro ones.

When Is Multiple Domain Strategy a Good Choice?

Using multiple domains in marketing will be right for you if your business has multiple brands. You can use this technique to have the promote one another and therefore strengthen the business as a whole.

Such a ‘collaborative’ approach to promotion can also help you dominate specific keywords. To achieve this, you’ll need to have all your pages optimized for them in particular. Make sure to fill them with quality content and use only ‘white’ SEO practices to avoid getting penalized by Google.

You can also use this strategy of your hosting comes with unlimited domains and you have the time and resources to set up at least a few basic websites. Wasting this opportunity will be robbing your business from potential income that comes at very little cost.

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