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A Guide to Hiring the Best Cloud Security Consultants for Your Organization’s Needs

by Olufisayo
Cloud Security Consultants

When looking to hire a quality cloud security consultant, you must consider your company’s unique, specialized needs. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying for way more, or way less than you need to stay secure and successful.

For those with a lack of tech knowledge, however, this hiring task can prove daunting. To assist you in finding the perfect candidate here is a useful guide to hiring the best cloud security consultants for your organization’s needs:

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security refers to the set of policies, technologies, tools, and requirements that work together to control and protect your sensitive customer/business data, services, applications, and the larger cloud environment from leaks, vulnerabilities, cyber-attacks, and other unfortunate scenarios. Because cloud storage differs from on-premise or on-site hosting, it requires a more in-tandem responsibility for security between your company and a quality cloud security consultant.

This technology has allowed for faster computing, storage, sharing, and more – but with the new technology, new security concerns, protocols, and requirements have arisen as well. According to GuidePoint Security, being on top of this changing environment will help your business remain competitive within your industry throughout 2023, and beyond.

Why Does My Organization Need to Confer with a Cloud Security Consultant?

Many studies are showing that nearly two-thirds of businesses that store material or run computing tasks, through cloud services have had some type of breach within the last two years. Since cloud computing and storage has become a near-necessity in 2022, hiring a quality cloud security consultant to help you prevent, manage, and fix these breaches has become critical to your business’s success.

Especially when it comes to small businesses (which are seen as easy targets by most would-be cyber criminals), having a trusted cloud security consultant agency by your side to deal with this new global threat is one of the best investments you can make. For those that need extra help in feeling confident about their cloud security, Cyber Sainik’s cloud security consulting can walk you through the process in an easy-to-understand, professional manner.

Analyzing Your Requirements and Unique Organizational Environment

When searching for the best cloud security consultant agency to represent your business’s cloud cyber security needs, you must understand what data, requirements, and environmental needs within your business’s cyber infrastructure will affect your decision. When you’re not a cyber security expert yourself, this task becomes that much more difficult to complete confidently.

To succeed at this task, however, it’s crucial that you either conduct a cyber security risk assessment or employ another trusted third-party security risk assessment consultant that can get the job done. They should be analyzing the following requirements and data points to ensure you get all the information needed to hire the best cloud security consultant possible for your company:

  • Operational Security
  • Network Security Requirements
  • Personnel Security
  • Data Protection
  • Data Privacy Requirements
  • Application and System Security Needs
  • Compliance and Security Integration Needs

Model Simplicity & Data Protection Requirements

Because nearly every different cloud security consultant provides a different security model, having an agency that provides a model that’s both simple, and understandable can provide a ton of value. Seek out a cloud security consultant that offers a model that can be communicated in straightforward, simple terms.

Doing so will give you the ability to communicate with them more efficiently, will which proves invaluable in the unfortunate case that a breach does end up occurring. With the right cloud setup, you can save your business tons of money, and become even more competitive.

If your data is compromised on the cloud, legal penalties, large-scale compensation, lawsuits, and government fines can all end up occurring. Beyond data being compromised, some breaches could lead to full-on data loss as well, which can completely derail your business’s ability to function.

Having a cloud security consultant who knows how to prevent these breaches of protocol, and who can add extra safeguards to prevent data loss and breaches, will be one of the best investments you can make as a company in 2022.

Up-to-Date Compliance Risk Management

Speaking of what we’ve discussed above, you must know the cloud security consultant you’re hiring has a clear and up-to-date understanding of the current compliance risk management environment. Otherwise, you’re putting your company’s data in out-of-touch, irresponsible hands. Making sure they have provable experience in compliance risk management, and that they know how to comply with industry regulations that affect your business, will be critical in finding the right cloud security consultant candidate.

Accessing Whether the Services Offered are Right for Your Organization’s Needs

With all this information now in your hands, you’ll be ready to access whether the services offered by a cloud security consultant and the skills they hold are right for your business’s needs. This hiring process can prove stressful, but with the right grit and determination, you can easily find the perfect candidate. Once you’ve found the right fit, you can enter into the remainder of 2022 (and beyond), in a confident, successful fashion.

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