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CoinGeek Announces Venue for Blockchain Conference in New York

by Olufisayo
CoinGeek Conference

It has been announced that the eighth installment of the CoinGeek Conference series will be held in New York City, at The Sheraton, Times Square on October 5 to 7. This is the second time the blockchain conference will head to New York, as it was also broadcasted live from the world’s financial capital almost exactly a year ago.

The live attendance then was small as it was during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But this time, the venue will allow about 2,000 people at the venue. Plus, it will still be broadcasted live via the CoinGeek Conference Virtual Platform for viewers around the world.

The format of broadcasting the conference live from the venue has been successful so far, with the last CoinGeek Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland accumulating a total of more than four million views. 114 speakers from all over the globe who are all experts in their own fields, discussed how the BSV blockchain can ignite the power of data, which was the main theme of CoinGeek Zurich.

“It is necessary to handle this exponential growth of data usage we’re seeing. Every day over 306 million emails and 500 million Tweets, 95 million photos and videos posted on Instagram. Every one of you every day will generate 1.7MB of data every second of the day.

And by 2025, it’s estimated that each human every day will be generating somehow 463 exabytes of data. And that is because of the proliferation of the Internet of Things,” Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based nonprofit global industry organization that pushes for the enterprise adoption of the BSV blockchain, explained during the opening of CoinGeek Zurich.

Indeed, with the increasingly massive amount of data being generated and used on a daily basis, the power of data is undeniable. And BSV recognizes this, which is why the network continues to scale to enable its blockchain to handle big data and nano transactions at a very low cost, making it more than practical for businesses to adopt. In fact, the BSV blockchain is already being used by many platforms across many different kinds of industries.

A timely example would be how VXPASS is replacing paper records of COVID-19 vaccinations. With the importance of vaccination records to people in their everyday life—no one is permitted to travel without them nowadays—it is very difficult if one would lose their vaccination card.

It would be a hassle to go to the hospital or vaccination center in order to get a replacement. Now, if that vaccination card exists digitally on one’s mobile phone, then it would be so much more convenient whenever it is asked for in restaurants or at the airport. And even if the cellphone is lost, the vaccination record can easily be retrieved.

“The team at VXPASS has built an effective tool which leverages the power of the BSV blockchain to track vaccination records in a way which is more accurate and more efficient, without sacrificing patient privacy—demonstrating the tangible benefits that blockchain technology can offer today to empower personal health care data,” Nguyen commented on the announcement that VXPASS is opening its Digital Covid Card replacement to licensed medical practitioners and their patients all over the world.

This is but one example of the utility that the BSV blockchain offers. And this is why the theme for CoinGeek New York is “It’s About Time.” With the ignited power of data, it is about time that global enterprises learn about it and recognize the real value it presents to their businesses.

Interested to attend CoinGeek New York? Register now to understand how your business can be revolutionized by the BSV blockchain.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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