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Digital Marketing at Home

by Olufisayo
Digital Marketing at Home

We have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year now. A lot of people have lost jobs and continue to seek new opportunities each day. What one could do despite the pandemic is to start a small home business.

Some pandemic-friendly business ideas include having an online consulting business, having a graphic design firm, or being an app developer. Digital marketing is also one industry that could need some help during this difficult time.

Digital marketing utilizes the Internet and modern technology in reaching consumers. It is a broad and continuously evolving field, so it constantly needs new players of the game. New ideas are always welcome in the realm of digital marketing.

Working from home might not be the setup that you have always been inclined to do, but remote work has its benefits. From spending time with the family to having flexibility with your schedule, starting a small business and working from home can help you with your financial needs during this pandemic. It will also help if you take care of things that will help ease your everyday stress. Having a homeowners insurance policy will allow you to focus on essential business tasks at hand.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The Internet has been an essential aspect of our daily lives since its inception. Many consumers rely on online searches to get information on certain goods and services before making a transaction with a brand. Everything has gone digital with the modern world.

More than 40% of consumers first turn to a Google search before purchasing a product or service. Meanwhile, 26% of consumers shop online every week, given the proliferation of the e-commerce industry.

The Internet is where the consumers are at. This is where you can study your audience’s demographics and preferences as you research what you need to improve on your business.

Whether you have a big or small business, a good digital marketing strategy will benefit your company. It will help you increase sales as you gain a platform for connecting with consumers and building your business.

The Basics of Digital Marketing

While many individuals may already be familiar with some digital marketing basics because of digital natives nowadays, there are still some technical aspects that one needs to learn to be able to get into the business of digital marketing.

As mentioned, the digital marketing industry is a broad field with a wide range of niches, so it is best to be familiar with the various possibilities before diving into one specific niche.

You may have already encountered some of these digital marketing basics, and it’s good that you already have an idea of what it is. Now is the time for you to be familiar with how it works.

Website content and design allow your customers to find your business online. Having an online presence is important nowadays because it will elevate your brand’s credibility. This is also where your consumers can discover your new and current products and services.

Your website can also be where your consumers can make purchases, which is a convenient feature, given the current quarantine guidelines. Websites also often use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that their sites rank high in the search engine, allowing customers to find them easily.

Meanwhile, email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.5% as opposed to the 1.1% of social media. Email marketing allows you to reach out to consumers personally, given the nature of emails. Your business can collect consumers’ email addresses through purchases or website sign-ups.

Social media is potentially one of the most popular forms of digital marketing nowadays. Almost everyone has some sort of social media account these days, and this allows brands to naturally survey consumer demographics and preferences online.

These are some basic digital marketing niches that dominate the industry today. It will be beneficial for your digital marketing business if you study these niches so that you can provide good quality service to your potential clients.

Starting a Small Home-based Business

Starting a small home-based business amid the pandemic might seem scary, but, for some, it might be the only option they have left. When working from home, make sure you take care of your physical and mental well-being while balancing your work productivity. Remember that during this pandemic, family time is the most important schedule we have every day.

Digital marketing is one of the pandemic-friendly business ideas that you can explore during this time. Study and experiment with different digital marketing strategies and learn from your mistakes. This is how you will learn in this industry.

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