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The Elements of a Great Product Page (Plus an Example Product Page Template!)

by Olufisayo
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Trying to sell something on the internet isn’t ever easy; you’re up against a horde of competitors trying to attract the same customers. Even though it’s hard to succeed with an online business though, it’s easy to set one up. All you really need is an internet connection and the time to design one.

Designing an online store is another challenge, though. Not everyone has a natural eye for good design, and so most people just use a product page template. With a template, you can focus on making sure your products are well made and delivered on time, instead of trying to design a webpage.

Not all product page templates are made the same though, and some are better than others. If you don’t have an eye for design, it can be hard to tell the difference between a template you should use and one you should avoid. Keep reading below to learn how to tell the difference, and start getting more customers!

A Product Page Template Doesn’t Write Copy for You

Before selecting a product page template, it’s important to remember that the template won’t write copy for you. You need to write the product description, what the product is, and how it is used yourself. Otherwise, people won’t buy it simply because they won’t know what it is.

To write copy for a product page, it’s important to remember that you’re not writing a novel. You may have as few as 400 words to describe your product to potential customers. And the blurb alongside it can be as few as 40 words!

Copywriting is Advertising, Sell Your Product!

Some people think that copywriting is a kind of creative project when in reality, it’s anything but creative. Copywriting is to writing what commercials are to filmmaking: it’s a kind of advertisement. You’re not writing to express yourself artistically, you’re writing to sell something.

And for that, you need to understand the basics of advertising and marketing before putting down a single word.

Take Active Product Photos — Use the Product

Some people prefer to take photos of their products themselves, while some people pay experts to post photos of their products. In some industries, you can get by just taking photos of products yourself. Yet, consumer and lifestyle product photography is vital when trying to sell stuff.

If you’re trying to sell to the average person, you need to understand that most people don’t do extensive research before making a purchase. They just want to find things they think are fun and affordable. Selling to businesses is a different kind of game where photography may not matter as much.

Make sure the photos on your product page show action. Someone should be shown using your product, and it shouldn’t ever be cast in a bad light. It’s easy to accidentally show your product in a bad light, so you may want to leave it to the professionals to portray it.


Product Pages Should be As Good As The Products Themselves

It’s important that you make your product page as good as your products, and using a product page template can help with that. When you use one, you’ll know that it’s been specifically designed to catch people’s attention and sell the stuff on your store. You won’t have to wonder if you made it right.

And to learn where to find good product page templates, or even how to design one yourself, keep reading here!

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