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Essential Strategy Elements for Marketing Your Restaurant Business

by Olufisayo
Restaurant Business

If you own or plan to open a restaurant, one of the things you have to do is ensure you market it properly. With Instagram, online marketing, social media hacks, and more – marketing strategies have grown so big in their elements.

In this article, I will talk about essential topics in relation to your marketing strategy in order to boost the chances of success.

Restaurant Business

What to consider when it comes to marketing

One of the first things you will need to do when it comes to marketing your restaurant is decide how you want to market it. This will be based on a number of factors, such as the location of your restaurant, the type of restaurant you run, and your budget for marketing amongst other things. Some of the factors that you will need to consider are:

  • Who you want to market to: You need to think about who you want to market the business to. If you are opening a small restaurant for a local community, there is no point engaging in global marketing. By deciding on your target clientele you will have a better idea of the best marketing methods and tools for your needs
  • What your budget is: You also need to work out how much money you have available to invest in marketing, as it is important to properly manage your business finances. This will help to determine the types and level of marketing that you can afford to get involved in. Generally, online marketing is very cost effective so the best part of your budget will probably be used on offline marketing.
  • What resources you have available: Another thing you need to look at is what sorts of marketing resources you have available. For instance, do you have someone that can get a website designed for you? Is there someone who has some level of expertise when it comes to content creation? The more people you can get on board, the easier it will be to put a marketing plan together.

Some essential marketing methods that you should use

While the exact marketing strategy will be based on a range of factors, there are some essential methods that you should include when marketing for restaurants. No matter what the size, type, nature, or location of your business, these methods could prove helpful. Some of the essential methods for marketing your restaurant business include:

  • Social media marketing: Whether you are only serving a small community or whether you are looking to attract customers from farther afield, social media marketing can really help. People can spread the word for you when you use this method, as they can share posts with their own friends. It is also a very cost effective and convenient method of marketing.
  • Posters and banners: Don’t estimate the power of word of mouth. Make sure you use vibrant, well designed posters and banners outside the premises advertising the opening date, any special offers, and other important information. This is something that people will see when they walk by, drive past, and go past on public transport.
  • Leafleting: If you are looking to attract local custom, it is well worth doing some leafleting in the local area prior to the opening. Post leaflets through doors providing details of the menu, special opening promotions and vouchers, and information about the location. People will then be tempted to come along and take you up on the special offer.

Making your marketing count

Using this combination of online and offline methods will ensure you maximize on the effects of your marketing efforts. You can then look forward to a successful opening night and the custom of people who will return in the future if they like what they see.

Paul Ormerod is the Managing Director of Nisbets Australia, and is passionate about helping hospitality businesses succeed by providing a one stop shop that makes catering equipment simple.

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