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Getting the Most from Email Marketing

by Olufisayo
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a massive part of many companies marketing campaigns, and if your business is not doing it, then you may wish to consider it to increase your business.

There are many mass email services and platforms that you can use to send mass emails, and the mailchimp.com website also has a lot of information on the success of email campaigns across many different industries.

Getting your email right is something that you will need to work on, and an excellent email can potentially see a high number of people open and interact with your message.

The Email Subject Line

The subject line is an important part of your email as it is the first thing that people will see. You will want to make sure that the subject line is short and enticing. If you make your subject line too long, it can hurt the open rate of the email, making the subject line short and exciting will see your message getting through to a lot more people.

Eye-Catching & Informative Emails

Whatever your message is that you are trying to convey, you will want to do it in a visually pleasing way that is also informative to your customer.

One way to grab attention is to offer something for free, no matter what you are offering you can rest assured that there are people that will take you up on your offer. It is also important to display any terms and conditions linked to your offer clearly, so people can see what is expected of them if they take you up on your offer.

A Professional Looking Email Signature

With all aspects of your email, you will want to portray a professional image, and this includes your email signature. It is worth the time and effort in perfecting your email signature to make sure that you have all of the necessary details in a highly attractive manner.

You can find many companies that offer an email signature generator, allowing you to create a professional-looking digital signature easily, making your emails stand out from your competitors. An example of an email signature generator is ZippySig.

The Best Time To Send

You will also need to consider when to send your emails, and it has been shown through research that regular office hours are not the best. You will want to send your email between 8 PM and midnight, as this will help to make sure that your email is near to the top of the recipient’s inbox when they open it the following morning.

It has also been shown that the weekend is a good time to send an email, and with automated email platforms, you can choose the day and time to send your emails and not have to click send on your Saturday off work.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

There are estimates that as many as 47% of emails people open on a mobile device, so it is important that you ensure that any emails you create are suitable for both the web and mobile devices.

Not Too Often

The one thing that you will not want to do is bombard your customers with emails, so make sure that you do not send them too frequently. You will also need to make sure that you offer your subscribers the ability to unsubscribe from future emails, and it is also good to provide them the ability to change their preferences on the types of emails they want to receive from you.

The more that you think of your customer and their wants and needs, the greater success you will have.

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