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How do White Papers Work in Content Marketing?

by Olufisayo
White Papers

When talking about content marketing, most people immediately will begin discussing blog content.  Blogs are an essential part of any content marketing strategy and should be used weekly to generate relevant content for your business.

But there is another avenue that provides excellent content marketing services, and that is writing white papers.  White papers are a fantastic way to generate leads to your website.

What are White Papers?

White papers were initially used by the government and in politics.  White papers are written by taking a side on a particular issue or outlining a solution for a problem.  The writer relies on both opinion and facts, often with links to the source, to sway the reader to their point of view.  They are written very differently than typical blog content.

They are much longer and much more formal than the conversational tone of blogging.  One important thing to note, white papers add value to the reader, and they should never try to sell. It is merely an informative article.

Why White Paper?

A simple Google search about any topic will spew out tons and tons of keyword-stuffed blogs and website content.  Most of these do not offer any real value to the reader and just exist to drive traffic to businesses sites.  White papers stand out from the crowd as being an authority or expert on the subject matter.

White papers take time and research to write and is comparable to an in-depth school report.  A benefit to your company for taking the time to write white papers is that you can establish yourself or your brand as an expert in the field.  Once you are known as an authority on this subject, trust value goes up in you and your company, which should equal more business and referrals for you in the future.

Engaging Content

When you think of government or political white papers, the content usually isn’t exciting.  Just because you are using white paper marketing to help promote your brand doesn’t mean the material has to be so formal that it is annoying to the reader.  Remember, for people to find your white paper, they have to be interested in this subject matter.

You need to create engaging content that covers any and everything the end reader may need to know about the subject matter.  Then they are more likely to recommend your paper to friends or colleagues.

Any content marketing is a long play game.  Do not expect overnight results from writing one blog, changing your product descriptions, or even writing a white paper.  This strategy takes time to come to fruition but don’t give up.  If you are considering beefing up your content marketing game, you should budget for a consultant or firm to help you get started.

These are experts in the field and can really guide you, so you don’t waste valuable time and money on producing content that isn’t relevant or converting.

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