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How Giving Gifts to Your Clients Improves Retention and Referrals

by Olufisayo
Giving Gifts to Your Clients

Providing professional services requires working with a variety of clients. Often this type of business, like consulting, real estate, and IT services requires referrals. One of the ways that businesses stay at the top of their client’s minds is to give gifts. It’s an easy way to stay memorable and if done right can lead to referrals down the road. Sometimes a simple thank you note, a gift card, or a thoughtful subscription box can hit the mark perfectly. Here’s how giving gifts to your clients improves retention and referrals.

Clients Feel Valued

When you give a gift to a client, they will feel valued by you. This builds trust between your business and them. Trust is important in any relationship, but especially in business. Since people buy from those they know, like, and trust when you can fill their trust bucket by doing great work and sending useful gifts, you’ll make them feel valued and that their money was well-spent.

It Shows You Care About Them as People

It’s important to show your clients that you are more than just a service provider, but rather someone who genuinely cares about their well-being. A gift can be an excellent way of conveying this message in a subtle way. By remembering a birthday, anniversary, or another important date for the client you can show them you care about their personal life and not just the business they do with you.

Gift-Giving is an Important Part of Any Business

Giving gifts to your clients is an important part of any business. Gifts are a great way to show that you appreciate your clients and build goodwill, which will help you retain them for years to come. One of the ways you can use gift-giving is to offer a referral program. You can offer subscription boxes, gift cards, or even free services for those who successfully refer you to new clients. Additionally, these gifts can be incentives for employees who meet sales goals and other qualifying events.

People Like Free Stuff

People like free stuff. It’s a fact of life, and it’s especially true when you’re trying to build relationships with your customers. Giving away gifts is an easy way to show that you value them as individuals, and they’ll appreciate that immensely. The key isn’t just to send them a calendar though or a free pen. You need to send something meaningful. Get to know your clients as you work with them and even send them questionnaires to help glean this information.

It Helps Build Trust

Giving gifts to your clients is a great way to build trust. Trust is a two-way street, and if you want your clients to trust you, then it’s important that they see you as trustworthy. That means doing what you say and saying what you mean. It’s important to ensure that any promises or commitments made are kept. You need to be transparent about pricing and fees, with no surprises. Don’t over promise on projects. Communication is also critical throughout the working relationship. Clearly set expectations up front. Then, when they receive a gift from you, it won’t feel insincere or like a bribe.

It Creates Goodwill and Loyalty

Real estate agents and similar service providers know how vital goodwill and loyalty is when it comes to customers. You want to be the first person a former client thinks of when one of their friends or colleagues needs your services. Gifts help you garner this goodwill and create a sense of community.

It’s a Win-Win Proposition

Gifts can be a win-win proposition for both the client and your business. They’re an inexpensive way to show you loved doing business with them and it’s a relatively low-risk investment. If nothing else, your gift will make someone’s day for a low cost. And at best, it will lead to referrals and more business in the future. It helps the receiver win especially when the gift is thoughtful and something they really wanted or could use.


Giving gifts to your clients is a great way to show them that you care about their business and that you want them to succeed. It also helps build trust between you and your customer base, which is essential in any industry where referrals are key. The best part about giving gifts is that it doesn’t have to cost much. Set aside a portion of each client contract to give back in gifts and referral rewards.

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