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How to Gain Success in your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

by Olufisayo
Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Whether you are conducting your direct mail marketing campaign to drive traffic either online or offline, many entrepreneurs may consider this traditional strategy as a little hit and miss.

However with the right know-how and meticulous planning you can develop a direct mail marketing campaign that has plenty of perzazz to capture your core demographic and get your products or services out there.

We’ve compiled five essential steps to success when running a direct mail marketing campaign, so whatever your niche, you can get your business noticed by the people who matter.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Define Your Core Demographic

The first and perhaps most important step to conducting an effective direct mail campaign is getting to know your target audience. Every business should be able to define a particular type of person that invests in their goods, services or company as outlining this is the basis of any good business plan or brand strategy. The same is true when creating a direct mail marketing campaign that taps into your niche and reaches your core demographic on a personal and professional level.

Conduct your own market research to determine what your target audience’s age range, gender, income, occupation, location and buying habits. Use this information to gather contact details of prospective customers, rather than distribute promotional materials sporadically, for a targeted campaign from the outset. A mailing list that is built to match your customer profile will ensure you get the very best response, whether you are looking for conversion in-store, over the phone or via your website.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Creating an offer that appeals directly to your customer base is essential when converting your correspondence into sales. As well as aiming to produce real incentives for your target audience, make sure you sell a solution to a problem, instead of laying on the sales talk for your product or service. Offering seasonal promotions is the perfect example; produce timely campaigns that fit the time of year and your customers’ needs.

Words that Sell

Crafting the perfect content to complete your promotional materials is the next step to ensuring success in direct mail communications. From brochures and full colour leaflets to call cards and snapshots, direct mail marketing materials come in many formats, and each will define exactly how much content you will need and how much detail you will include about your products or services.

When using a standard leaflet to promote your business, keep content short and sweet for maximum impact. The content of your leaflet should also be made quick and easy to scan, so consider using bullet points or subheadings, instead of lengthy paragraphs, to break up information. Always take time to create a great call to action too, this will grab your target audience’s attention and allow your marketing material to avoid the recycling bin!

Attention to detail is also integral, there’s nothing worse than distributing marketing materials littered with spelling errors and poor grammar, this only displays an unprofessional image.

Eye-catching Design

As well as displaying clear and concise content, your direct mail materials must encompass eye-catching design to create the ultimate combination when grabbing your audience’s attention. Always include a catchy headline, your company’s logo and intriguing imagery to ensure your brand becomes a memorable figure within your target marketplace.

Think Results

So you’ve researched, created and distributed your campaign, what next? The secret to the success of future direct mail campaigns is to track your current campaign’s results. This will highlight what worked and what didn’t as well calculate whether this is a viable marketing strategy for your business going forward.

Remember direct mail marketing is all about taking a tried and tested approach so test your market and track your leads to increase your conversion every time.

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