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How to Keep Good Employees Happy

by Olufisayo
How to Keep Good Employees Happy

Keeping talented employees has always been a challenge for businesses. It has been reported that 89% of employers believe that their staff leaves the company because they want more money. But only 12% of employees leave for that reason. Also, the average worker will change jobs more than 10 times throughout their careers. Therefore, it is vital that companies retain happy and productive employees. Giving employee acknowledgments, including service trophies and awards, helps them to increase company profits and provides an environment of loyalty.

Employers are always looking for the best talent and skill for their operations. But in addition to money, what else are employers doing to attract and keep good talent? Not having a happy employee, a company will lose profits, valuable manpower, and the loss of public affection. Look at what happened at Google recently. The walkout by Google employees globally displayed that something other than money was at issue.

How to Keep Good Employees Happy

There was an apparent deeper problem because Google employees are one of the largest paid hi-tech staff with excellent benefits in the corporate industry. Yes, the news reported that the key factor that prompted the walk-out of Google employees was centered around sexual misconduct, but looking at the newscast of the walkout, there were men and women of all ages, all around the world, standing in unison. Many of the issues included:

  • * ending arbitrations of discrimination and harassment in a forced, meaningless discussion
  • * inequality in pay and upward mobility
  • * appointing an employee representative to sit on the board of directors
  • * revamp the human resources divisions whose job it is to help represent employees and their rights based on the company’s policies
  • * the ability to report sexual misconduct safely through a chief diversity officer who will report directly to the CEO

Employers can make improvements with a few minor adjustments that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but what is the cost to a company to continue to hire new employees when talented staff members are walking out the door. Here are a few simple suggestions:

1. Businesses should know that their bottom line should be their experienced staff members. Employees should maintain a constant stream of communications to all employees no matter what their level status consists of. Clear boundaries should be set by employers, leaders should give clear direction, and they should demonstrate good leadership. A personal touch solution by employers always keeps employees happy on the job. Also, adding some simple incentives can’t hurt either. Trophies and awards can be given to certain employees for a job well done.

Provide breaks for employees, recognize birthdays and work anniversaries. Flexible vacation and leave time, including the birth of a baby leave for both men and women, is always a good solution to keep employees happy. A key motivator in businesses today is telecommuting. This solution has not only increased work production, but employees are so motivated when working at home or away from the office occasionally, that psychiatrists tout telecommuting as a great panacea for the modern workplace.

2. Keep the office light, airy, and comfortable. Ergonomic desks, chairs, and worktables are very affordable today. An ergonomically designed environment motivates employees to think better because their bodies are at ease and the layout of the office creates productivity. Office designs today invites bright color schemes along with using plants to help keep the air we breathe fresh and clean. Add art that can be humorous or thought-provoking. It’s the little things that help keep employees happy, even if the pay is not always there.

3. Acknowledge the good work that employees do. Thanking employees for a job well done is a rewarding experience. Taking the action to reward employees for their hard work, initiatives, and dedication is also a very motivating feature in keeping employees happy. Rewarding employees for specific acknowledgments shows the whole the staff the work ethics and the work criteria that the company is looking for in everyone.

4. Does your company provide an environment where employees can safely express their viewpoints? Can employees feel that they can openly criticize, complain or report negative activities that affect their working environment? If not, a CEO should have a conversation with the HR department or the company’s department heads to find out what is creating a negative climate.

A successful business means that they are making sure that their employees are being cared for. To keep the motivation of a business moving upward, employers must ensure that the employees remain happy because happy leads to productivity, that leads to good customer service and in turn that leads to greater profitability!

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