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Demands of the Modern World: The Top 4 Skills That Employers Are Looking For Today

by Olufisayo
Top 4 Skills That Employers Are Looking For

In the modern world, the job market has gone through some important changes from what it used to be. The days of being a company man, in the same place for 40 years and moving from bottom to top, are long gone. These days it’s about leveraging your position for either a big promotion/raise, or a better offer from elsewhere – and it’s often quicker and easier to get a big offer from elsewhere than it is to get a raise/promotion.

In a world where the average worker switches jobs 15 times through their career, it’s likely that you’re going to be switching at some point – even if it’s a similar role to what you already perform. When that time does come, you need to know which particular skills stand out most to potential employers.

Here are 4 which rank very highly, so show you have them and you should have a good shot at landing the job you want.

Top 4 Skills That Employers Are Looking For

  1. Problem Solving

Being able to solve problems is a massive skill to have. There’s nothing bosses and managers like more than a worker who just gets on with their job without actually needing to be managed. There are plenty of workers who stop at every problem and ask for advice, permission or instructions from their superiors. Don’t be one of these people, show some initiative and deal with the problem. You’ll stand out as a great worker and be much more likely to succeed.

  1. Good Communication/Interpersonal Skills

This applies to dealing with clients/customers, and co-workers regardless of whether they’re above or below you in the chain of command. Having good interpersonal skills can be the difference between customers being upset or happy. Good communication also keeps a team working well together and creates a cohesive workforce. This skill makes everything else about a job easier, and makes you a more pleasant employee to deal with.

  1. Resilience

Being resilient means being able to handle bad situations without your performance suffering, or being able to recover from bad situations quickly. As an employee it means you can handle stressful situations without losing your cool. It also means being able to handle rough patches or criticism and take it all in your stride. Be a professional and don’t take anything personally. Likewise stay focused on your job in times of stress. This can be a tough skill to develop but it’s worth investing in, via meditation or other methods, and can really make you a go-to person in your place of work.

  1. IT Skills

IT skills are easier to measure or work on than the previous 3 areas. IT is important because we live in a truly digital age. Almost everything is online and virtually the entire western world has an internet connection, so IT skills are very important to employers. Thankfully this is an area you can improve quite easily by using an IT course. You can choose to do these in person or online. For more information, check out http://www.itpro.tv

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