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How to Market Your Brand through Different Types of Signage

by Olufisayo
Market Your Brand through Different Types of Signage

As a business, building a brand is very important. You want current and potential customers to be able to identify you by the brand you’ve strategically cultivated. The same way your company’s swag can identify your brand, you can also market your brand through different types of business signs.

Think of your sign as a silent salesperson that communicates your brand’s message. It should be representative of who you are as a brand. When gathering ideas for designing and placing signage, consider the following:

Market Your Brand through Different Types of Signage

  1. Choose a sign that fits your location and building architecture – When creating a sign, don’t simply focus on the brand, focus on your location & architecture as well. Having signage that is uniform with its surroundings is one of the first key indicators that your business is style consistent. Consider the size of your windows, building material, and color.
  2. Your signage should be well positioned – Putting your sign in the best position to get maximum sign exposure isn’t always as clear-cut as it seems, and many retail signage companies can work with you to help choose the best spot. When looking for a great position, take into consideration the potential for sign blockage (carts, parked cars, delivery trucks, etc.), glare, and amount of traffic. Evaluating those factors will save you time, money, and potential frustration down the line.
  3. Think about logistics and city rules– Business signage isn’t just about finding a sign you like and placing it. Each city has rules and regulations for its signage. Signs must follow municipal sign and building codes, as well as zoning restrictions.
  4. Keep it simple – One of the best tips for retail signage we can give you is to refrain from cluttering your sign with too much text or graphics. If a sign gets too cluttered, it can be hard to read meaning most people passing by won’t give it a second look.

Now that you know the best practices for creating and placing a sign, what kind of sign does your business need? Here are a few types of signage that help market your business’s brand identity:

The “Look At Me” Signage

There are some businesses that could greatly benefit signage that stands out — literally. We’re talking about signs that people can see from a distance. These include Pylon signs (these usually advertise multiple businesses at once and are positioned towards oncoming traffic), electric signs, and readerboard signs (positioned for passerby, usually on a lawn front).

These “look at me” types of signs help grab the attention of people who may have missed your business otherwise. They are functional and eye-catching, and work well for healthcare businesses, salons, hotels, and more.

Elegant Painted Glass

Painted glass signs can run from the low hundred-mark into the thousands, depending on complexity. Painted glass utilizes your window as a canvas and gives the brand a very elegant feel. This type of sign might work well for a boutique, local coffee shop, and restaurant. Businesses in buildings can also order glass signs that could be easily installed and anchored to any dry wall. There are a few different types of glass signage options, from clear glass to frosted glass, raised lettering on a glass backdrop, and glass with edge-lit LED illumination.

Shady Awning Signs

Awning signs are very popular with restaurants and small retail locations plus they match well with businesses located in historic buildings. They provide shade for your business, and added shelter for your customers. For an added benefit, businesses with awning signs may see up to 25 percent savings in their energy bills.

Simple Painted Plywood Signs

Got a brand that values minimalism and simplicity? These simple painted plywood signs are affordable, creative, and simple. However, they are subject to weather elements, and may need to be replaced frequently if you live an area with harsh seasonal weather.

Classy Punch Metal Signboard

Punched metal signboards work especially well against wood or brick, and gives your storefront business a high-end, established aesthetic. Depending on how you frame it and what you’re trying to convey, the sign can have a clean and modern feel or a historic feel. These signs are weather-resistant and durable, and are fairly affordable.

Three-Dimensional Metal Lettering

Got a brand that pops? This could be the signage option for you. These three-dimensional add texture to your storefront and throw off shadows. They could also be used for indoor office locations and come in a variety of different metal options, from steel to aluminum.

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