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7 Great Ideas to Promote Your Website with Social Media

by Olufisayo
Ideas to Promote Your Website

Social media is a great and cost-effective marketing medium for any website or business for promotions and reaching a large audience. Many social networks are free or charge very nominal rates for advertisements.

You can easily convey your business value to new users and build a stronger relationship with the existing clients to convert them. Moreover, social media is the quickest yet easiest way as no high skills are needed to share information. But the question is – how to use it efficiently to make promotions? Let us find the answer:

Best Ideas to Promote Your Site Via Social Media

There are endless ways to use social media for website promotion. But today, we will discuss some of the most used and reliable ideas:

1.   Trending & Branded Hashtags

Many social networking networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., allow you to link your posts to other accounts and hashtags. Thousands of eyes could potentially see your message and the website. It is eye-catching and easy to remember hashtags or to improvise with emojis only at first glance.

You can also use web tools to look up popular hashtags. There could even be weekly popular hashtags in your sector. You can use brand hashtags and publish posts about your company to impress visitors.

2.   Targeted Ad Spend

Every social media platform has several advertising options to utilize for advertising a new website. Facebook boosted posts, Pinterest promoted pins, Twitter or LinkedIn website click advertisements, and many other options. You get to choose who sees your advertising based on their interests and other demographic data you give. You can also use email lists or geographic information to target past or present clients.

The advertising then sends qualified people back to your website, allowing you to convert them into consumers. You can also set your fixed budgets on the cost of each ad. That way, you won’t go over budget and, in the meantime, you will be able to attract a large number of new potential clients.

3.   Video Content

Video content is excellent to grab users’ attention, and it conveys the brand voice and shows your passion to clients. People are more inclined to view and interact with visual content as they navigate their social feeds.

YouTube is also an excellent medium to host a video for a social network and a search engine all in one. Google owns it. Try to make engaging, good content-driven videos to get the best response. Because video is such a powerful driver of engagement and traffic on social media these days, ensure to share any videos you generate across all of your platforms. Videos showcasing your products, happy customers, or even your employees are fantastic. Just make sure to brush up on the various social media ad formats that are required for each platform if you plan on promoting your video.

4.   Tag Products to Your Posts

In recent years, the features of tagging and selling things directly within Instagram and Facebook have been one of the most valuable upgrades. It all depends on the eCommerce platform you use. The Instagram and Facebook shopping features can be linked to your inventory and updated in real-time.

It will save time while ensuring your page is constantly updated to provide your audience with the incredible shopping experience possible. Businesses now tag products in posts on Instagram, and users click on the tagged product to go to the product page and read a brief description. This Instagram and Facebook function offers businesses a big opportunity to break through the barrier between social media followers and efficiently convert them into customers.

5.   Showing the Social Proof

You sell items and services, so you will get internet testimonials even if you don’t ask for them. You won’t be able to get enough, though. You want to encourage people to share their experiences, increasing the amount of social proof. Keep all of your client testimonials in one location once you have gathered a few. As a result, everyone may read about your company as a consumer.

You may then use the quote from the testimonial to make a graphic to promote on social media. Link to your testimonials pages in the post copy for the image so that visitors can read more. People trust other people; therefore, they will be curious to hear what others say about your company.

6.   Design Contests & Giveaways

There are no set strategies or ideas for brand visibility. It’s easy to set up a low-barrier contest for your company. The users need to do very little to participate in short and simple giveaways/contests. These give maximum engagements. Create your contest in such a way that it achieves that purpose.

A simple “like and share” on your post feed could help you gain more followers. Other competitions may necessitate additional preparation. It is simple to obtain email addresses. After it is finished, go over the results. Have you achieved your objective? If not, consider how you may be better next time.

7.   Create a Loyalty Program

Consider building a loyalty or referral program if you don’t have the finances. Developing and maintaining a loyalty program takes effort and patience. Give your loyal customers referral codes and a discount on any purchases they make as a result of their recommendations.

Once it’s released, you may advertise it on social media, and customers will notice when you comment on their posts. If you don’t track them, all of your efforts will be for naught. Keep track of your campaign’s results.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, there are several methods to promote your website through social media marketing. It provides lots of benefits like broad reach, targeting potential customers in a specific geographical area, more direct interactions with the users, and more.

Still, if you want more leads through social media, you can contact social media influencers from your niche and offer them collaboration and free products to negotiate the promotion process. You can devise different strategies for different social platforms to get the most out of it beyond this.

All the best to make a great social following and get more & more business through it!!

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

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