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The Top 3 Things to Know About Legal Marketing

by Olufisayo
Legal Marketing

Legal marketing is a broad term that can mean a number of things; usually, legal marketing refers to a form of legal advertising as a way to build client/public relations. With that being said, legal marketing is one of the main ways that law firms generate business and network.

In fact, legal marketing is so important that law firms hire people to do specifically this task. Legal marketing is important to understand if you’re a lawyer or an employee in the marketing industry.

If you are a lawyer thinking about how to use legal marketing to your advantage, this post will detail some things you should know. Similarly, if you are an employee in the marketing industry, these tips may be worth your while as well, as they can help you excel in your career.

What You Need to Know About Legal Marketing

Here are the top 3 things that you need to know about legal marketing in order to use it to your advantage.

Be Sure to Create a Marketing Plan

Whenever you begin to utilize any kind of marketing in your business, it’s important that you develop a marketing plan before you start anything else. A marketing plan will keep you organized, will allow you to keep track of spending, and most importantly, will let you see what the next steps are in your business plan.

In terms of legal marketing, a marketing plan will allow lawyers to clearly see and track the progress they have made in regards to marketing, set goals, and plan where/how they are going to advertise. If you are a lawyer, a legal marketing plan is an internal part of your overall business plan. These plans are solely data based and can be as involved or as lax as you want them to be.

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Social media is beneficial for any business that is thinking about utilizing marketing as a way to generate business, however, it can be specifically beneficial to law firms as social media is an outstanding way to get your business out in the world at little to no cost.

If you are a lawyer or work at a law firm, consider creating and updating your social media frequently. Your social media will appear to people who are not even searching for your field of business and can help you gain future clients. Likewise, social media is a great way to get free testimonials that potential clients will see.

Many lawyers don’t think to turn to social media to promote their firm, however, as the world is becoming more digital, this may be one of the integral parts of legal marketing in the next few years.

Hire an SEO Agency

SEO, search engine optimization, agencies are increasing in popularity as they assist in helping a business increase the quality of their online presence in order to generate more business. SEO is an aspect of digital marketing that law firms should consider using as a way to bring business to their website.

SEO agencies can use digital marketing knowledge to help the law firm to appear higher on Google by optimizing their web content with keywords and can employ link building tactics that will get the law firm’s link deeper into the internet. Law firms should consider hiring an SEO agency as part of their marketing strategy because SEO is becoming more and more critical in advertising.

Get a Jumpstart on Your Legal Marketing Today

If you are part of a law firm, getting to know legal marketing and how to use it is important. It’s especially important to get a jumpstart on legal marketing now as marketing is in a transitional period, turning to almost entirely digital. Legal marketing has copious benefits and if manipulated correctly, can generate a vast number of clients and ample opportunities for your firm.

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