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Luke Lazarus Stays Ahead of Marketing Trends

by Olufisayo
Marketing Trends

Marketing is a continually evolving subject. The industry changes rapidly, and it’s never easy for people to keep up with the changes. However, Luke Lazarus has plenty to say on the subject.

Like many marketers these days, Lazarus is sure that the key to brand development is narrative storytelling. He makes his living by helping to craft emotionally compelling narratives that help consumers identify with brands.

Never Underestimate the Important of Story Telling

Luke Lazarus is a big believer that a company’s story starts with their business plan. The narrative will tell more than just the facts of the raw numbers. It also helps with painting an accurate picture of the future that customers will enjoy. The stories should be simple and easy to remember, to have the most significant impact.

He also thinks that new companies should have a grasp of their go-to-market plans. They need the right budget and the best projects in place to succeed. Anything else is a drag on the prospects. Most projects fail because there’s a glaring lack of organization and planning.

Lazarus also is telling businesses that they have to stay on top of Instagram. It’s still the most influential network and the one to watch, he argues. Instagram has been undergoing changes that impact influencers, but he’s not worried it will dampen their position in social media.

Instagram and IGTV Are Hotspots

Lazarus thinks highly of IGTV and believes that companies should jump on that bandwagon now to reap the rewards.

What he likes most about the opportunities is that brands and influencers can team up to present their wares in the best light. Since it’s a TV-style medium, product demos and similar formats work very well.

Investments in Chatbots Pay Off

Lazarus is also a fan of chatbots. These AI-powered chat assistants answer routine questions and even learn more about how to make interactions go smoother. They represent an opportunity for companies to improve customer experience across multiple channels and devices. That means increased sales and a better overall buying experience.

Chatbots are particularly efficient for high-traffic websites that get a lot of the same questions. It’s much cheaper and more accessible for a bot to retrieve a link than for a human. That’s why these bots are quickly becoming popular, especially among marketers.

AI and Machine Learning Are Game Changers

It shouldn’t be surprising that Luke Lazarus is also a big fan of machine learning and AI. Both of these disciples show a lot of promise for marketing. They should help companies better understand their markets and customers. That’s great news because it results in lower costs and a better overall experience.

Businesses that are eager to invest in these new technologies will get ahead of their competitors. They’ll have more targeted data that allows them to engage with their consumers in a streamlined fashion. Technology gives people a chance to get more out of marketing. Data analysis helps the business pinpoint the best prospects to target.

Mobile Pay Provides a Solution for Business

Last, Luke Lazarus thinks businesses should not overlook the importance of mobile payments. More consumers around the world are gaining the ability to purchase products and services. It makes sense to provide them the ways to do that if you run a digital enterprise. Mobile payment solutions open up new doors, especially for lower-priced products.

Marketing continues to evolve, and the companies that get their heads around new tech the fastest will succeed. That’s the central core principle of how Luke Lazarus views the world of marketing.

Those that fail to grasp the vital nature of the social networks and emerging tech will miss out on rapid sales growth. They’ll be left behind, trying to play catch up. That’s a huge missed opportunity for anyone who has a game-changing product they want to bring to the world.

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