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Market Trading 101: 5 Market Stall Set up Ideas to Try

by Olufisayo

Setting up a market stall is a brilliant marketing strategy if you want to locally expand your customer reach. It’s a perfect alternative if you don’t have enough budget or resources for mall spaces.

In some countries, night and day markets contribute significantly to their local economy, and your business could surely benefit from that. Thankfully, there are more than enough ideas you can try to make your market stall stand out from the rest.

Considerations For Your Stall Set-Up

If your goal is to create a lasting impression while also giving your brand a distinct representation, you need to be creative and more inventive in setting up your market stall. The display will be more attractive if it’s unique and original.

First, you need to prepare what you’ll use as your stall. Are you planning on using a canopy or a tent? If you’re thinking of having a custom marquee, checking out Technishelter offers for customization options can help.

Here are some ideas you can try for your market stall:

  1. Be Extra On Display Props

Remember, you’re there to promote and sell your products, so they need to be distinctly showcased. One effective way to do that is to use display props that’ll draw more attention to your stall such as a colorful table cloth to cover your table, some glittery centerpieces, neon signs for your brand name or products, balloons, and other props you can think of. Of course, don’t forget to consider your theme or brand vision when thinking of display props to add to your stall.

  1. Go Vintage

Unless you have a specific theme dedicated for your setup, you can consider going vintage for your next market stall. This idea works effectively for products that you can showcase in elegant boxes and packaging such as jewelry, clothes, and other fashion accessories.

You can stack vintage luggage in one corner of your stall and accentuate them with pearls or glittery stones for a more dramatic effect. You can also make use of vintage candle holders, chandeliers, and pendant lights to give the stall a warmer and sophisticated look. This setup works best for night markets, so you can beautifully highlight the products using candles and decorative lights.

  1. Emphasize Your Logo Or Brand Name

While you go all out with accessories and props, don’t forget to emphasize your brand name in your market stall. You can have it printed on your marquee or tent for a more professional touch. If you’re setting up a non-conventional stall using wood or other materials, you can use neon signs or custom letterboards for your business name. You can also have your business logo printed on a large canvas or polyester and place it at the center of your stall.

This marketing technique is effective if you want to make your brand visible in the local sector or if you have plans of expanding your small business. People who’ll be coming to the market will see your stall and hopefully remember your name after they’ve left the area.

  1. Make It Clutter-Free

If you want customers to stay interested in your market stall, remove any clutter or eyesore that may affect their perception of your business. Clutter can be easily seen especially if your stall is quite small or with limited floor space.

To address this, limit the things or supplies you’ll put inside your stall and only use what’s necessary. If you’re starting to accumulate waste, discard them immediately. You can also consider installing air freshener products to make the stall smell refreshing and inviting.

  1. Use What You Have

If you’re using a marquee or tent for your market stall, you can use the metal frames of it to hang additional decorations. You may put banners or string lights around the walls of your stall. If you decide not to put walls around it, maximize the space by letting the customers freely come inside. They’ll feel more welcomed while looking at your stall.


Whether you plan on joining a farmers’ market, a flea market, or other promotional outdoor events, you can use these market stall setup ideas so you can come up with an attractive and more visible booth for your business.

You can use a marquee, a tent, a canopy, or any DIY material for your stall. Just remember to make your logo and business name visible. And of course, your products should also be highlighted in the most creative and eye-catching way you can.

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