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Bring It Back to Basics: Why All You Need Is a One Page Marketing Plan

by Olufisayo
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Simplify, simplify. It’s a key theory in Walden and it applies in all aspects of life–including marketing. These days it seems that everyone has a special hack or course that will make you the best at what you do. The idea is that the more content, the better. 

We think it’s time to cut that out. 

It’s time to get back to basics and focus on the core aspects of marketing that really work. What we’re going to do here is do away with the bells and whistles and show you how you can simplify your strategy with a one-page marketing plan. 

Here’s how. 

First…What’s a Marketing Plan and Why Do You Need One? 

A marketing plan is your roadmap to the marketing process–it outlines all aspects of your strategy. The marketing plan is all about goal setting and outlining your to-do list that will help you meet those goals. 

Every company, regardless of background, needs a marketing plan. Marketing is a key aspect of success and your plan helps guide you toward success.

This is crucial because in many industries that used to rely on word of mouth or referrals, that simply isn’t an option anymore. For example, in Digital Logic’s article about Orthopedic Marketing, Lynnzee Dick explains that marketing is more important now for orthopedic offices since most patients aren’t required to have referrals anymore. 

What to Include In Your One-Page Marketing Plan

To keep your marketing plan succinct, there are only a few core aspects you need to include: 

Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is key and sets the foundation for the rest of your plan. When looking for your target audience, casting a wide net is the last thing you want to do. You need to keep it as niche as possible. The more specific your audience is, the higher your chances of resonating with them and turning those prospects into qualified leads. 


Now that you have your highly specific, niche audience identified, you need to craft messaging that speaks to them. Again, specificity is key and the more targeted you can get here the better. This messaging should be based on your audience’s challenges and how your product or service can solve that challenge. Keep in mind you may have different messaging for different buyer personas

Key Strategies

Once you know your audience and the challenges they face, it’s time to strategize. Your marketing strategy should be educational, engaging and should convince them to convert. Identify the tactics you’ll be using to get your audience to convert and describe how you’ll execute them. 

Reaping the Benefits of a Succinct Plan

As we’ve shown, a marketing plan doesn’t have to span pages to be effective. A one-page marketing plan can be just as effective and strips away the unnecessary fluff. What’s left are the core tactics that will help you identify your target market, help solve their challenges and turn prospects into loyal customers. 

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