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Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Ordering The T-Shirts For The Team Building Event In Your Company

by Olufisayo
Ordering The T-Shirts

When it comes to marketing, the XXI century brought us many opportunities. You could promote your services in various ways: business cards, online contests, social media, or… t-shirts with your company’s logo. This way, apart from the initial order, you won’t have to spend time actively advertising your company – the person wearing the shirt will do that for you!

According to the experts at TeeJunction, it doesn’t mean that just any design will cut it. In a minute you’ll learn what you should remember about when ordering t-shirts for your company. Let’s go!

Avoid silliness

If you don’t own a company that manufactures paint, your company’s t-shirts should not incorporate every possible color imaginable. Sure, you want to attract the attention of people nearby, but you want to present your company as an at least semi-serious entity. It means that you should generally stick to the branding colors.

If you can’t use too many colors at once, perhaps you could garner the attention of the bystanders by including a big photo of the fireworks or the eruption of a volcano? Unfortunately no, they are off-limits too.

Just imagine what would people think if they saw the logo of a company responsible for the finances of their clients, and shape of a poorly shaped Tyrannosaurus rex right next to it. Perhaps their hard-earned savings will disappear just like the dinosaurs off the face of this planet many years ago? Not the best choice there is.

What is your message?

If you are really hell-bent on putting some sort of an animal on your company’s t-shirts, at least choose something that has associations that fit with your type of business. If you own a security company, a bull might be a smart choice. Just make sure that your employees have well-developed muscles, or otherwise, your clients might complain that the product was falsely advertised.

Be reasonable

If you want the people working in your company to wear t-shirts with your company’s logo, you should make this experience as little unpleasant as possible. To some managers, it might come off as surprising, but “inspiring quotes” may have the opposite effect.

A significant amount of people don’t feel excited when they come to their work; they just want to earn money to support their families. It means that any attempt at adding some “fun” might be met with disdain.

If you suspect that this may be true about a lot of people in your company, or perhaps it’s just not the type of work to be excited about, then keep the number of weird details on the t-shirt to a minimum. Avoid corporate slogans, and the chances of your employees wearing the t-shirt after work will drastically increase.

Even if you create an excellent design for the t-shirts, it won’t help your company much, if no one will be wearing them. That’s why you should have the opinions of your employees in mind.

Keep it simple

The design of the t-shirt should be kept simple. You want your potential customers to be able to read everything that is written on the t-shirt easily. Avoid fonts that may look cool on your computer screen, but won’t make it easy to decipher what is actually written. Make sure that the color of the background noticeably differs from the one used for the lettering.

Another essential thing is that no one should wonder what the supposed order in which the words should be read is. Some of the t-shirts use fonts of varying sizes, placing them in an unconventional manner. It is usually a bad idea, as most people will only look at the t-shirt for a few seconds. When it comes to the t-shirt design, place writings in such a way that there won’t be any doubts about the intended message.

You may be under the impression that traditional fonts are just too common; handwritten writing would be better. Unfortunately, in 99% of cases, it’s a bad idea. Just because something looks nice on the computer screen doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect on the t-shirt. There are thousands of different computer fonts, choose one of those.

Good luck!

T-shirts with a custom made design can be a great way to spread the news about your company far and wide. If you don’t want to have any doubts whether they are effective, keep the design simple.

You don’t want anyone seeing them struggle to read what is written. Designs that contain too many elements may be too confusing. On top of that, avoid including images of things that are not in any way associated with your company’s services. If you want your employees to wear them, try to take their opinions into consideration.

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