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Top 13 Post-Coronavirus Business Ideas to Consider For Guaranteed Profits

by Olufisayo
Post-Coronavirus Business Ideas

Our world is currently at war with itself. With over Two million Coronavirus infections and more than 130,000 deaths – businesses are shuttering, corporations are collapsing, employees are getting laid off, countries are closing borders, families are shut-in, and there is a complete lockdown.

Governments are working on economic stimulus packages to cushion the effects of the COVID-19 situation, but things can never remain the same again for individuals, families, nations, and the world after the elimination of the pandemic. Loved ones are deceased, the health system is overwhelmed, socio-economic life is fractured, but you can still make headway if you have the resilience.

It is easier to think of businesses to do for survival during this coronavirus lockdown, but here are 10+ post-coronavirus business ideas you must consider after the disease is gone from the face of the Earth:

1. Loans

Given that people will be out of jobs post-coronavirus, you can loan people money to get started again in life. Even with just N250,000 in your bank account, you can provide soft loans of N5,000 to N50,000 to people in your neighborhood for a 14-day loan tenure at an interest of 20% to 25%. Your initial capital will grow to about N350,000 in 30 days and that could set you on the path to guaranteed wealth.

2. Cleaning services

If you consider that many organizations, schools, and shopping malls, as well as government facilities, have been closed for as long as six to eight months in the lockdown, you will make a killing providing industrial and residential cleaning services. Once you get started, you will soon recruit a team to work with you on account of the sheer cleaning work available for you to do.

3. Recruitment and Training

Thousands, if not millions of people will be jobless by the time the coronavirus situation is over. People will begin to seek jobs and companies will begin to hire and retrain staff again. You can make their job easier by going into job consultancy services – recruitment and training. Companies will reach out to you for suitable candidates and potential employees will contact you for job placements.

4. Delivery and pickup services

Millions of people will never go out again into open places after coronavirus is over, and they will rely on you to do delivery and pickup services. Just the way people place orders for needed items online, you can help people to do their shopping – grocery, medical supplies, foodstuffs – and then get the orders delivered to them at their doorsteps.

5. Build mobile apps

If you are a skilled smartphone app developer, you can make a lot of money from developing interactive apps for health, education, games, fitness exercises, and others for people to download and use. In fact, many businesses who are trying to reach new markets after COVID-19 will need you to build helpful apps to further their interests.

6. Webinars

With coronavirus lockdown, millions of people resorted to online schools and trainings and religious sermons to achieve their purposes. You can put up paid webinars to provide specialized trainings, promote services/products, as well as acquire leads. Paid webinars are taking the world of internet marketing by storm and you can tap into the potential wealth post-coronavirus.

7. Comedy videos/skits

The current lockdown is giving many people creative inspirations to create comedy skits and satires about COVID-19 issues. Many people have stayed glued to their smartphones and found it easier to stay at home because of the numerous comedy skits they watch on social media. You will make a ton of money if you are able to produce comedy videos and also get product endorsements for your skits.

8. Ecommerce marketplace

Popular and not so popular online marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, and hundreds others generated huge revenues before and during the COVID-19 crisis. They will still continue to make money after the crisis is over. You can launch your own ecommerce store or even engage in dropshipping business post-coronavirus where people can order products from your store.

9. Fitness and wellness gym

While many people have begun to take their health seriously and engage in wellness exercises at home during the lockdown, others will overgorge themselves with food and develop unhealthy weight as a result. But you can start a fitness and wellness gym – even in your backyard, garage, patio or anywhere in your house and then get people in your neighbourhood to enroll on a paid membership basis for them to lose weight through fitness exercises.

10. Uber and Bolt

If you have a car, you can sign up for Uber or Bolt services and get people to pay you for transporting them within and outside the city. People will want to go places when coronavirus is over, and they can hail you with their smartphone app to take them places. You can expect to earn up to N30,000 per day even if you are not doing this full-time.

11. Neighbourhood classes

With the siege of COVID-19 over, you can organize neighbourhood classes where you can teach people languages, cooking skills, business mentorship, and other do-it-yourself activities. Whether in your sitting-room, patio, or garage space, you can put up a neighbourhood evening classes where people are taught language skills and culinary activities as well as entrepreneurial prowess for money.

12. Website design, development, and hosting

Many businesses that collapsed during the coronavirus pandemic will want to get back to their feet when the health scare is over, and they will want to also take their business online. This is where you come in if you have website design and development skills. You can also make money through internet hosting or rehosting and the money will keep flowing with thousands of clients to work for post-COVID-19.

13. Community fundraising

Many communities will need funds to rebuild schools, bridges, healthcare centres, public facilities, and other permanent infrastructure when the coronavirus situation is over and dusted. You may make good money if you can organize fundraising activities for such communities for a share of the funds.

You can organize the fundraising dinners and town-hall meetings among other public launchings to achieve your purposes. Whether online or offline, you can make good money with fundraising skills and the right connections when this global health disease is finally eliminated.

All things being equal, this coronavirus situation will soon be over, and you must begin to reposition yourself for serious business by the nation-wide lockdown is lifted.

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