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Printed Banners: An Effective Advertising Tool in the Digital Age

by Olufisayo
Printed Banners

In this increasingly digital age of advertising, how relevant is the traditional print advertising platform? You will be surprised to know, that marketers still regard custom and vinyl banner printing to be an important part of their advertising strategies.

Reading messages online might not be as rewarding or effective as printed banners, since the lack of physical dimension can interfere with a reader’s ability to focus; not to mention the need for scrolling the screen every second.

In contrast, printed banners have proved effective for capturing audience attention, especially for companies starting small, says Print Banners, a company that provides same day banner printing services to firms across the US and Canada.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Many companies like Print Banners, offer printing services like same day banners, custom and vinyl banners along with banner holders at small costs, for the benefit of start-ups.

Vinyl banners especially are a huge rage among others, for their lightweight nature and the huge amount of flexibility that they offer. Unlike the fabric banners, they are not screen- printed, which means that a company has the freedom to design them for multiple events.

Greater Connection with Audience

Large outdoor banner printing can help organizations to reach each corner of a city; which means a wider audience. Unlike digital marketing initiatives, print messages are absorbed in a user-controlled and linear manner. A reader decides on when to move away and how much to read.

Many consumers like this flexibility. If you ever notice someone reading an actual magazine, in place of an online version, you will notice how leisurely they do this. They absorb information in detail and stay on a page for longer time.

Digital ads are riddled with pop-ups and other interstitial pages, which can prevent readers from assimilating vital messages. According to the Center for Media Research, a typical internet banner ad manages to acquire only 16% of the total value of a 30-second television ad. These days, banners can actually feature the television commercials of a brand; anywhere from traffic signals to airports.

Trade Shows- Putting the Brand in Customer’s Hand

Trade shows are one of the best ways to take the brand to the customers. Face-to-face interaction is important for selling products in certain industries like technology or automobiles.

Services like sameday banner printing offers fast access to these industry events, which attract new customers and provide scope for increased B2B connections. They can create visual publicity and generate word-of-mouth messages, asking people to visit the company’s booth.

Whether it is for announcing a new product or service or for enhancing the brand value, banner advertising still scores high. One of the oldest forms of marketing, banners can create memorable images, provided they are done right and create the needed impact. Consistency is the key here.

Of course, both digital and offline marketing initiatives should maintain a consistent brand image. They can also be used to promote the same campaign or offering, thereby enhancing recall, increasing lead generation and boosting sales.

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