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What are SEG Frames and How Can They Help In-Store Promotions?

by Olufisayo
SEG Frames

Most retail stores are challenged with providing information about their products to customers visiting their stores. One way of improving the store experience for customers is to have an interactive digital kiosk mounted at strategic locations.

This device is also called an SEG frame, and they contain screens, speakers, touchscreens, projectors, and other hardware that enable them to function as interactive devices.

What is an SEG Frame?

An SEG frame or self-expandable graphic is a freestanding structure made up of extruded aluminum channels. These frames are usually mounted on a pedestal that is bolted on the floor when used indoors or bolted onto a base plate with wheels when used outdoors.

The frames may be either attached to the ceiling or anchored to a separate structure in an area where there are no obstructions like pillars etc. These frames are typically used in stores to display an important in-store promotion using the demo software that runs on these devices.

How Can They Help In-Store Promotions?

1. Attract Customers

Customers will spend more time looking at items displayed on the SEG frame since that is what it was designed for. The display is eye-level for all customers, and the software running on it contains interesting information about the product being displayed. The information can be easily revealed by swiping the screen one way or another. This increases the viewing time for customers, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will purchase. Moreover, all this can be done either free or with minimal cost.

2. Boost Sales

Having an SEG frame functions as an in-store display, and it is used more often to showcase products in stores than any other retail media. It is also used to promote in-store sales. Moreover, the SEG frame is positioned in the store to be seen by customers coming and going. This places an important physical and digital window on the success of in-store promotions. In this way, an SEG frame can help boost sales and increase the store’s customer base.

3. Provide Additional Information

The demo software running on the SEG frame can provide additional information not visible on the product packaging. The software can also set up a game to attract customers and collect personal information like their names and email addresses. This information can send personalized email messages to the customers, thereby increasing the chances of repeat purchases.

4. Create a Personalized Experience

Most customers visiting a store will be drawn towards an interactive screen at some point during their visit. They will often touch, swipe, and interact with the screen to explore its display. The demo software used on the SEG frame can be programmed to recognize these interactions and respond in a personalized way to each customer. It can also send messages, emails, and offers to customers through its mobiles. The information sent always speaks directly to the customers individually, making them more interested in revisiting the store.

5. Enhance Branding

People like interactive, innovative, and fun brands. Having an interactive demonstration running on an SEG frame will enhance your brand’s image in customers’ eyes. Since the demo software can be customized to run various promotions and displays, customers will be more likely to remember your brand and recommend it to others. This will increase sales and your brand’s market share. The SEG frames can be customized based on the specific requirements of your organization.

6. Set Up a Multimedia Presentation

The SEG frame can be used to set up a multimedia presentation that contains audio, video, and other content that is stored on the device. This is useful if a store wants to run an in-store event or when they want to provide additional promotional information. The presentation can also be customized to suit the product being promoted. You can also display a video that explains how to use the device or a video that talks about the company’s history and values.


An SEG frame is a cost-effective media that can be used to enhance the store’s in-store experience for customers. These frames are also used for other marketing and communication methods, such as video promotions, public address announcements, product awareness campaigns, and displays. It is crucial to have an SEG frame mounted in your store if you want to increase the sales of your products.

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