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The Difference Between SEO & Local SEO

by Olufisayo
SEO and Local SEO

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your business using SEO, you will need to decide whether you are looking to do an international, national, or local campaign. Although the techniques are similar, there are some differences between the different types of SEO, so you will need to ensure you select the correct approach.

Below is a summary of each of the different types that can help you decide what is best for your business, so you can create an effective online marketing strategy that shows you a return on your investment.

A Brief Explanation Of SEO

Search engine optimization is a technique used to increase the online visibility of digital properties and drive relevant traffic to them. It can make websites appear higher up in the search results, so it is easier for people to find, and there are many techniques used to do this.

No matter what type of SEO you are looking to do, you will need to ensure that your onsite is healthy and as strong as possible and look to create an off-page marketing strategy that will help to increase your online rankings and visibility. Whichever type of SEO you are looking to do, the best SEO company in Brisbane or in your area will be able to help you with this and help you see a reasonable return on your investment.

How SEO & Local SEO Differ

There are two basic ways that SEO and Local SEO are different, which are the keywords you target and the area that you service, whether you provide products or services. A standard SEO campaign will usually target its audience at a national level, whereas a local SEO campaign will only target a specific geographic area.

If you own a garden company or taxi firm, you are limited to how far you can travel to do a job, so you must look to target a specific geographical area using a local SEO campaign. As such, you will often include lace names in the keywords you focus on, and you will also have to use your Google My Business account to tell the search engine the area you work in for your business.

Can You Run Both Campaigns?

There are times when it is suitable to run national and local SEO campaigns for a business, but this is not suitable for all businesses. If your company has multiple locations throughout the country, you can run both campaigns, which can help you drive quality traffic to your website and regional pages.

However, when you only cover a specific geographical area, you will not want to run a national campaign. Doing so will waste a lot of your time dealing with inquiries you cannot do anything with, so you will want to avoid doing this. You may end up answering phone calls and emails to customers in locations that you do not service so that you can waste a lot of your employee’s time and your efforts and marketing budget.

If you are looking to embrace SEO for your business, you will want to speak to a digital agency in your area that can help you with this. They have the expertise and resources to boost your business online and ensure you get quality inquiries that you can service.

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