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Tips for Setting up Your Business Phone as a Start Up

by Olufisayo
Setting up Your Business Phone

Even if you’re only yet a small and starting business, you aren’t exempt from setting up a business phone. There is plenty for you to gain from having one.

In essence, finally having that business phone is like that big leap towards the right direction of success. It creates effects such as stronger branding and awareness, higher reputability among current and potential customers, and even professionalism.

Setting up your business phone is a pretty straightforward process. It may entail a little technicality here and there, but you can liken it as if you’re also just setting up your ordinary personal phone. That said, here are some of the best pointers when setting up your business phone number:

1. Choose Your Business Phone Number

When you’re setting up a business phone number, chances are, you’ll get to choose your business phone number as well. In general, you’ll be presented with these two types of business phone numbers:

  • Toll-free number – the better option if you want to put a premium on branding. This is also going to be easier for your customers to remember. For instance, 1-800-FLOWERS, if you’re in the flower shop business.
  • Local number – uses your local area code. This is the more preferred option, especially by customers if you’re in a small locality.

Choosing between the two options is a matter of preference. When it boils down also to the type of business that you have, one isn’t entirely better than the other. Each has its pros and cons, and you only have to determine the one that may work best for your start-up business.

2. Choose A Phone System

Thanks to technology, there are many different phone systems that you can choose from. Some of these include a landline, which is the usual telephone. There may also be the option of a broadband phone, which is packaged with your Internet connection. Then there’s the virtual phone, through providers such as Kall8.

As a starting point, among all phone systems, a virtual phone system works to be the best for businesses today. Virtual phone systems are also more affordable, plus it provides excellent benefits for your business, like the following:

  • Calls are less likely not to be answered
  • Call extensions are available
  • Online phone management tools are also accessible

3. Create A Custom Greeting

Ever wonder how some businesses have that professional greeting that seems smooth and effortless whenever a call is made? This is done by pre-recording a custom greeting. This greeting is the very first step towards having better customer service. When the phone is picked up, the reception is always fun and cheery, regardless of how the person at the end of the line is feeling.

The common danger of not having a custom greeting is that you don’t have control over how your employee assigned to pick up calls is feeling. When they’re stressed or busy, chances are, this can be felt and heard in the manner they pick up the call. This puts you in a bad light right there and then.

4. Add Extensions

Extensions in business phones are those that sound like “If you’re looking to return an item, press one.””If you have a complaint, press two.” That way, the caller is automatically directed to the extension that answers this query.

For your business, it’s up to you to enable these extensions such that they’re linked and connected to the right departments. That way, whatever the concern is of the caller, it’s immediately addressed. They don’t have to be passed around different departments with no definite answer to their concerns.

5. Personalize Your Voice Mail Message

In the event that the lines are jam-packed such that no one can pick up the call at the moment, it’s to your advantage also to have a voicemail connection. This means that even if the caller’s concern isn’t directly addressed, it will eventually be once there’s a member of your team that’s already available. Through the voice mail, their call and concern are recorded. So, from your end, you have a basis on which customer to call back.

As you set up your business phone, it also pays to personalize your voice mail message. Generally, you’ll want the tone of the message to match your business style. This makes everything more tuned to the culture of your business. Plus, this also ensures that your voice mail message is not just like what every other business has.


Now that you’ve finally opened up your doors to operations, it’s time to get the business to full swing. One of these aspects also has to do with setting up a phone number. You may have started without one. But, now that operations are in full swing, it helps for you to have a business phone number as well.

This number stays with you for as long as your business is in operation. These tips can help make the process of setting up a business phone a little bit better for you.

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