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Six Marketing Reasons To Host An Event

by Olufisayo
Six Marketing Reasons To Host An Event

Finding new ways to market your company successfully is the Holy Grail of marketing.

If you can break into a new medium before anyone else or exploit it better, you will make more money. It is that simple, but it isn’t that easy otherwise everyone would be doing it. However, one technique that you can use to your advantage is hosting an event.

To show you why, here are five reasons to do your best suit and start wining and dining.

Six Marketing Reasons To Host An Event

Reinforce Your Brand

It is your event, and you decide how everything runs, from the entertainment on show to the catering. As a result, the whole night reflects your company and reinforces the brand you have created. For example, if you are a luxury brand the event will be luxury down to the last detail. Your existing clients will be pleased that the path the company has taken is not changing, and new clients will be impressed with your presentation.

Adds Value

You want to attract potential clients and new customers to your event for obvious reasons. But, getting them to show up is another matter. An event is a great way of offering them added value or items that they desire. It could be a nice bag of goodies or a guest speaker that they have always wanted to hear.

Then, once they accept the invite, you can try and charm them as much as possible.

It’s Not a Sales Pitch

Events are often omitted from companies’ social calendar because they are too ‘salesy’, which means they do more harm than good. But that isn’t the case because it is an event that clients are interested in attending. If there is added value, they will be happy to talk to you and listen to what you have to say. If you are scared of turning it into a sales event, hire an event management company to do all the hard work. Tell them what you want and they will provide every detail. An event is an incredibly effective way of enjoying the company of potential investors.

Potential for a Buzz

If you organise it right, you could be on the radar on the people that matter. If you are on the radar, your event will create a buzz that is hard to replicate. Even if you don’t end up in the paper or the blogosphere, you could infiltrate the social circles of the industry. There is no better way to market your brand than making important people take notice.

Extend Your Customer List

It is a party, so encourage people to bring guests. They will be more comfortable than attending on their own, plus you will have the chance to talk to more people within the industry. The best clients will always bring people who both parties could gain from working with.

Break the Ice

The invite is the initial ice breaker, so the next time you meet at the event you can follow up and try to find out more information. You might not be best friends after one invite, but don’t be afraid to reintroduce yourself.

The reasons above are more than enough to stage an event.

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