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How to Get Your Startup Company Noticed

by Olufisayo
Startup Company

Getting your business noticed is one of the most daunting tasks any new business faces. With the advent of the internet, markets that previously seemed ripe with opportunities now appear crowded and highly competitive. In the past, most businesses dealt with their own local communities while some were fortunate enough to expand nationwide.

Now, though, almost every company aims to meet a global audience.

Here’s what it takes to get noticed.

Startup Company

Social Media

It’s no longer a question of “if” your company should have a social media presence. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give businesses direct access to their customer-base, who provide invaluable feedback on your products or services. It’s crucial that you’re able to build a dialogue with your customer-base and that they feel like they have a voice in this relationship. After all, in a world that revolves around instant messaging and 140-character tweets, it’s easier than ever for people around the globe to communicate. Positive word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool and, with the right planning, your ROI can be substantial.

Retention Marketing

Reaching new customers is often a major concern for small businesses. Because of this, many start-ups end up focusing only on expansion and fail to adequately employ retention marketing strategies. Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability, as numerous studies show that engaged customers generate more revenue through repeat spending. Sending personalised content offers via email is a popular way to engage with your audience while also keeping the costs down. However, in order to actively encourage repeat spending you should create some kind of loyalty scheme. Third-party specialists like Phorest can help you do this, either by employing a card-based system where users are directly rewarded for their purchases. These have been shown to increase spending by an average 30%.

Traditional Methods

Finally, it’s important to remember that traditional marketing methods still have a place in the modern business landscape. You should try to attend any relevant trade shows or conferences that allow you to increase brand awareness and, perhaps even more crucially, offer an opportunity to see what your direct competition is doing. You could also consider sponsoring local events as a way to increase your company’s name in the public consciousness. Supporting a noble cause is win-win situation for everybody involved. The footage the event provides not only offers content for your own social media feeds, but it will also be posted on the channels of those involved and spread amongst their own circles.

Marketing has always been a vital part of success in business. After all, if no-one knows you have a great product or service, what does it mater? In order to stay competitive in your industry, you’ll need to know every trick in the book to survive.

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