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The Best Ways to Promote Sales

by Olufisayo
The Best Ways to Promote Sales

Marketing is a key component in the growth of any business. A successful campaign can bring in continuous sales through new and repeat customers. However, with so many different ways to market your product knowing which ones are the best for you may prove to be a difficult task. Listed below are a few analog elements that still prove successful today along with new digital marketing platforms.

Social Media

Social media is a platform that receives billions of viewers each day. If you think about it, even 5% of a million is 50,000 viewers of a product in one day. It’s quite amazing. Now not everyone will want to use your services or buy your product, but, the point is, it’s an easy and an inexpensive way to gain brand recognition, another component in acquiring sales.

You, of course, will need a strategy to get access to a large volume of people such as a link to your website and post ads at precisely the right time of day as your targeted audience.  For instance, if you are selling holders for medications your target audience is mostly the elderly, so early morning and mid-day are ideal times to have ads. If your business is insurance early evening is a good time after people return home from work.

The Best Ways to Promote Sales

Trade Shows

Don’t dismiss the human element as a way of increasing sales. While many people are online purchasing products and services, many others still want to meet and see the product in person. A trade show gives you the business owner a chance to display your product or give an in-depth understanding of the services you offer and why you are the best choice. People love the one-to-one connection and free-bees. Have bella tanks tops & tshirts and key chains as handouts with your company name, number, and website on them. For a nominal fee, you now have a face people will identify with when they hear your company name.

Mailings and Flyers

A small business that’s looking to expand and open several new locations within the surrounding area may use mailings as a way to directly reach potential customers. The hardest part of the mailing process is acquiring a list of names. In the old days, employees of small businesses pulled out the trusty phone book and copied the name and address of people directly from the white pages.

Today, however, with many people disposing of the landline and using only a cell phone, this method will have limited results. Luckily there are companies that do the legwork for you and compile an active list of people in your area. Just make sure to check their credentials so that you don’t fall prey to a scam. Flyers are another way of expanding your client base. Most local stores don’t have a problem with a business handing out flyers. And, other than the cost of the paper and in-house printing it’s virtually free.

Television, Radio and Billboards

There are so many other ways to get your name out there. Television and radio can be quite expensive, but when used in conjunction with mailings and social media can prove to be the missing link between staying at the same level and moving up to the next tier. When people see or hear you they connect with the mailing they received or your presence on social media, it’s like you instantly achieve credibility. The same applies to a large billboard in a high-traffic location. People view it daily on their way to school, work, and shopping. As a result, when they need the service you provide, your company name pops into their memory banks. They may not remember where they saw it, but they trust it.

Budgeting for marketing each year is critical to the expansion of your business. If you are newly operating and have limited funds email or regular mailings along with a website and a presence on social media can prove quite lucrative over the course of a single year.

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