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Tips for Getting Started With Mobile Marketing

by Olufisayo
Mobile Marketing Tips

With people checking online content through mobile devices more than traditional computers, businesses are now trooping to mobile marketing to push their products and services onto the attention of their target clients. The rise in mobile use is probably not going to dip anytime soon, and so you should already prepare to launch a mobile marketing campaign for your business.

Whether it’s for a physical therapy clinic, online therapy or a youth-oriented online shop, the secret of mobile marketing lies in the optimization of page elements to make the site look amazing on smartphones and tablets.

Here are some tips to help you jumpstart your first venture into mobile marketing:

  1. Use responsive design

Mobile marketing is a special kind of Web marketing meant to be viewed on smaller screens. The easiest way for your website to conform to mobile screens is to use a theme or site framework that follows responsive design. This allows your site to automatically adjust to the size of the browser screen, making it look great on just about any kind of screen size.

This tip isn’t confined to websites alone. Your email newsletters must also be responsive by now.

  1. Optimize social media accounts for mobile

Social networking sites are now available on mobile screens, and some even have their own apps to boot. Here are some ways to maximize the potential of your social media accounts to boost sales:

  • Use compelling and attention-grabbing header images
  • Use image-based ads more than purely text posts
  • Check the appearance of call-to-action on your own mobile devices, to see if they are engaging enough
  1. Optimize images for mobile screens

When you create image-based ads on your website or social media accounts, always use the image sizes recommended by each service. A poorly made image ad may appear too wide on a mobile phone or display very small text.

You may also want to check the images on your own mobile devices to see if they display properly.

  1. Find a good app maker

If you think that a mobile Web browser does not provide the best online user experience for your clients, you might want to consider making an app for your business. Developing an app may be painstaking and costly, but depending on your business model, it may reap so much potential benefits such as increased brand awareness and a more loyal follower base.

Having said that, you need to find an app maker software that delivers the best possible features for your desired application. Do a quick Google search to look for the best app makers in the industry.

  1. Monitor your mobile marketing numbers

Return on investment (ROI) is a concept familiar to business owners, and it also applies to mobile marketing. Because you’re going to spend on mobile marketing, you need to evaluate whether it’s bringing you more profit or not. There are a lot of options in terms of monitoring, from the free (Google Analytics) to the premium services.

You should also check the success of your email newsletters, whether they lead to clicks and purchases or not.

Mobile marketing can expose any business to significantly more people and will definitely increase the chances of your products and services to get discovered. Make sure that you’re already planning with your team to discuss your mobile marketing strategies.

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