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Essential Elements of Your Trade Show Table

by Olufisayo
Elements of Your Trade Show Table

Trade shows are a fantastic way to promote your brand, but you have to compete with all the other attendees. It’s essential that you can stand out from everyone else, presenting your company as approachable and attractive.

The design of your trade show table, booth or tent is crucial to drawing people in. If you want to make an impression on the attendees, you have to plan your space to have maximum impact. Make sure you know what you’re doing with your table before you arrive by thinking about the elements below.

These features are a good place to start to customize your space.

Elements of Your Trade Show Table

Signs and Banners

When you set up at a trade show, you need to be able to attract people’s attention from across the room. You’re surrounded by other brands, who are all competing to get everyone’s attention. If you shrink into the background, no one will notice you until they’re right in front of you, and maybe not even then.

So you need tactics that both enhance your booth when people are close, and draw them in when they’re further away. Having large signs and banners that you can see from across the room will help. You can hang a banner behind you and stand them on the floor.

Table Covers

If you only have a table to work with, it can be difficult to make it more exciting. Even once you’ve set up you display, the plain table doesn’t look very impressive. You can use a table throw to brighten up and personalize the space immediately. A custom table throw with your brand logo on it will take the table from dull and boring to attention-grabbing.

The throw can cover the entire table and display your logo boldly at the front. You can use it again at any time, whenever you go to a trade show. They make excellent starting points upon which to build your display.

Table Displays

When you have more space to work with, you can do a lot more with your booth. But if you only have a small table, you’re somewhat limited in you capabilities. However, you can still create a fantastic display that draws people in. One of the things you can think about is making your table interactive. Although it’s useful to have leaflets or flyers with information about your products, they won’t necessarily draw people in. You could run a competition, sell your products at the table, and give away freebies. Display your products front and center, and make sure you have excellent lighting.

Tents, Gazebos, and Booths

Sometimes you have a bit more space, perhaps when you’re at a show outside. In these situations, you might be able to design a more impressive booth. Some people choose to have a custom trade show booth built, which they can quickly pack up and carry around with them. It’s even better if it’s flexible, so you can adjust it to fit into any sized space. A tent or gazebo can be perfect for an outdoor show to create a separate and more welcoming space.

The art of exhibiting at trade shows can be difficult to master. You need to consider everything from getting the right position to perfecting your sales spiel. You’ll keep learning as you go, so don’t expect your first one to be perfect.

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