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Seven Highly Useful Travel Items for Branding

by Olufisayo
Travel Items for Branding

Branding is a tricky situation that could backfire if your marketing appeals are weak. Many entrepreneurs find it useful to provide free items to current and prospective clients and others. Those items carry the brand logo and possibly contact information or a motto.

The idea is to provide something useful that creates a positive image within the minds of relevant consumers. It is critically important for the logo items to be useful to recipients. You want them to use the items regularly and possibly share them with others. Travel-related items are especially useful for that reason and could be very helpful for branding.

Anyone who does a lot of business travel knows the importance of taking only useful items that support frequent use. The less useless stuff that you take with you, the easier it is to pack and settle into a hotel room during a business trip. Even if you are not on a business trip, you still do not want to waste time packing items that you will not need. Here are seven of the best travel items to use for branding purposes.

Earbuds and Charging Cables

Earbuds help you to listen to your favorite music or other aural delights without disturbing others. They also help you to get some privacy in a public setting. The same goes for charging cables that enable them to recharge their cellphones and other electronic devices.

Portable Chargers

Travelers love to take their personal electronics with them. Whether flying or driving, those personal items often need recharging while you are on the way to your destination. Instead of going without due to a dead battery, a portable charger could recharge one or more electronic devices.

That could save the day for someone who needs to use a nearly dead cellphone to close a big deal.

Collapsible Travel Bags

Few things are more useful for overnight travelers than a convenient travel bag with wheels and a sturdy handle. One that looks good but can pack away into a small space when not in use can prove to be highly useful for travelers. They can pack away laptop computers, clothing, and other items commonly used while traveling. When you have a quality travel bag with your business logo it could be seen in airports and hotels around the globe.

Travel Neck Pillows

Neck travel pillows can really help you to avoid a stiff neck if you doze off on an airplane or while traveling in a car. You even can use them in a recliner to keep your head and neck elevated. The horseshoe shape of a good neck travel pillow prevents your neck from drooping to the side or your head from bobbing around. You can take a comfortable nap and not have to wake up to a very painful and stiff neck.

Toiletry Bags

Travelers need to maintain their hygiene, Many travelers have preferred toiletries that they like to use instead of whatever a hotel might offer. A convenient toiletry bag that holds items for washing, shaving, brushing, and flossing teeth, and grooming hair is a great item for providing people with the things that they need while traveling.

Passport Wallets

International travelers have passports. Those passports are very important and prone to damage or loss while traveling. Passport wallets can hold and protect passports along with room keys, credit cards, and business cards. They are affordable, look good, and help travelers to get to where they need to go while keeping the passports relatively safe. And your logo makes them a great marketing tool for branding.

High-Quality Pens

Pens that are of relatively high quality can be very popular items for travelers. Just about everyone needs to pull a pen out quickly and make some notes regarding important things. And travelers need to stay organized. If they are going to an event like a trade show, they likely have a schedule to maintain and new contacts to note. A quality writing pen that has a study barrel and refillable internal ink can last many years and prove very useful and popular among international business travelers and others.

Useful Items and Quality Products Are Key

The tricky thing about branding is that a brand image is what exists in the minds of consumers. You only can hope to positively influence that internal brand image. That is the essence of branding.

When you choose to use items bearing your logo and other relevant messaging, those items must be of good quality and very useful. After all, that is what you want people to think of your brand and the goods or services that you offer. When you provide free branded items, it is very important to ensure those items serve a purpose and do so very well.

Photo by Roger Brown from Pexels

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