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Trends in Content Marketing to Be Ready For in 2021

by Olufisayo
Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most fundamental marketing strategies used by companies in our world. Are you searching for effective marketing strategies? Read our article to discover the new content marketing trends in 2021, and find out how to be popular for your business company.

Content became the new fuel driving marketing strategies because customers want to know everything about the products they buy. Many people prefer to discover more about a company and its products or services via articles rather than adverts. Content marketing is an effective and cost-effective strategy. In this article, we will share the expecting trends of content marketing in 2021.

1. Writing skills do not play a crucial role. Much earlier, you must have great writing abilities to run a successful content marketing campaign. Times have now changed, and new formats, including infographics and video, require marketers to get new additional skills like making video, graphic design, and audio.

There are no such strict demands because creative people can get new skills without difficulties. Plus, there are a lot of marketing tips for startups you can find online.

2. Mobile shifting. Following statistics, a US citizen spends about 5 hours on their phone every day. Of course, the majority of this time is spent on the Internet. For marketers, it means that they should use mobile-friendly content for their strategy to increase the number of viewers.

It’s a good idea to use mobile marketing innovations like chatbots, AR, and ephemeral content. Thanks to these technologies, your startup will look more authentic as well as engage with people who are interested in your business.

3. Transparency is a new trend. Yes, you probably know the phrase “content is king.” Of course, quality content can provide valuable data to your target audience. But nowadays, a new phenomenon is found that is called “content fatigue.” It’s brought by a huge amount of content on the Internet. Of course, transparency helps to increase a brand’s loyalty.

4. Automation. Nowadays, content marketing is a strategy that requires a certain amount of effort and time to execute, develop, and monitor. That’s why many marketers prefer to use marketing automation. You can find many platforms that offer automation of different processes, as well as include learning systems that process data about your target audience, saving your precious time.

5. Videos are a new trend to be popular. It’s expected to use more live video streams by marketers to prove to the audience that a company has sufficient resources. It means that live videos can provide people with a more authentic experience compared to recorded videos.

Needless to say, that real-time videos increase the number of watchers, plus you can get more real-time feedback from people who watched the videos. Of course, before you do it, it’s important to learn the basic rules of video conversion to meet all the needed technical requirements, including its format, length, size, etc. It’s also not a secret that every marketing objective has its own video content types, so you can easily discover what types of videos will be popular for your target audience.

People prefer videos to written content because reading is more time-consuming compared to watching, so you have to understand that making videos is a marketing trend that will never disappear. Thanks to the new Google search feature, TikTok and Instagram videos can be shown in the dedicated carousel on mobile devices when people use the Google app. Thanks to this smart invention, companies can retain people in search of videos from leaving Google’s platform.

6. AR Technology. It’s a new technology incorporated by brands in their marketing strategy to allow users to get some new possibilities. For example, IKEA created a new app that allows people to view how various furniture will look at their homes. Of course, this technology requires developing new applications, but if it helps to engage the company with more users, it is worth a try.

7. Influencer marketing. When people want to buy something, they turn to social media to get more information about the product they are interested in. The more recommendations from an influencer it has, the more likely people will choose the particular product.

That’s why influencer marketing remains a trend in 2021. But now, many people know that some influencers get paid for the product they recommend, so they become more skeptical and cautious about choosing something following the recommendations from the influencer. So, now the main task for companies is to ensure their influencer can sound authentic to recommend a certain service or product.

8. Getting more information. Using marketing strategies, both businesses and startups can learn a lot about their customers. This information can help you make the right content to understand the main goals of your potential clients.

As a plus, you can get more information about competitors, and it also can give you some benefits. You can study the content your competitors create and the reaction of their target audience to understand if those positions are effective or not. You can also create your own content following your target audience’s goals.

9. Artificial Intelligence. Just like in some sci-fi movies, computers and robots appear in our lives and even replace people in their jobs. The same happens with content. Some companies already use AI to make their articles, reports, and summaries.

The reason is content made by AI looks more objective and trustworthy than written by a journalist. But of course, it doesn’t mean that writers now have to find a new job because AI-made articles cannot touch the readers emotionally: computers and machines cannot feel, so real writers are still needed to create various books and content for marketing purposes!

10. SEO is still relevant. Much earlier, search engines had different algorithms based on keyword density, but nowadays, they are updated to be more relevant, so they can understand the reason for searching. Some other trends mentioned earlier here, like mobile shifting, and personalization of your content can affect your company’s SEO ranking.

11. Specific content. Needless to say, your business’ content has to be based on what you do best and what sets your company apart from others. It’s possible to do it by paying attention to the needs of your potential clients and bringing them new solutions to solve their problems.

It helps to get three useful things: at first, you create the content your target audience needs. Second, your company stands out from others, making your brand more popular among people. Third, you show your knowledge and expertise, making sure you’re a trustworthy company.

12. Voice search. Some people use voice search to find something they need, and you need to consider it because it affects the way you create your content and metadata. People use voice search because it’s faster to say than to type. You need to use a few words the target audience can use to search online for a specific product or service.

When you make content optimized for voice search, you have to make it natural. The material should answer the questions where, who, how, when, what, and why because these are the main words people use when they’re doing a voice search online.

13. “Tasty” content. When people surf the Internet, they switch between windows easily, and if they open a website and do not find something interesting there, they close it and search for something more attractive. “Tasty” content is something that gives them solutions to their searching without wasting a lot of time.

Of course, this content doesn’t need to be very short – this is just something easy-consuming. It means that your content should be broken by subheadings, paragraphs, and bullet points. Remember, for many people reading online is difficult, so they just scan the content and start reading only when they find something interesting for their attention.

14. Documentation of your content strategies. Many companies create content strategies without any documentation. But you have to stay organized to get the needed results, so all your evolved content marketing strategies need to be documented. As a plus, if you have a documented content marketing strategy, it may help to get new members to your team – they can easily know more about your main goals and strategies from certain documents.


We’ve listed the most popular content marketing strategies for 2021 to stay popular. No matter what of these trends you are going to select, you need to understand that your strategy can be fueled effectively with high-quality content created following the main needs and requirements of your potential customers. And of course, it’s useful to discover some biggest marketing disasters in history to understand the main mistakes made by some well-known brands in their content marketing strategies.

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