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Ultimate Guide For Real Estate SEO

by Olufisayo
Real Estate SEO

We are an integral part of the digital world. The year 2020 is all about digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Due to the advancement in technology and Artificial Intelligence, everything is getting digital. The same goes for the real estate sector, where realtors take help from digital marketing to succeed in their careers.

The term used by the realtors over here is Real Estate SEO, which can be rewarding in many ways. From guaranteeing an increased number of visitors to generating high-quality content, real estate SEO covers everything.

Yes, for some real estate agents, it might be challenging to understand the concept. However, the ones who have been doing real estate SEO know that it is worth the efforts.

Every kind of business has an active website nowadays. Be it the real estate sector or any other; everyone can generate higher sales through their website. All thanks to the digital marketing era, where traditional marketing methods have gone obsolete.

So if you, as a realtor, want to succeed at your job, then you will have to get your website ranked at the top. When your real estate website shows in the top search results on Google, things will already start making sense.

Your content will become optimized with higher chances of generating organic sales within a short period. If you want to stay a step ahead of your competitors and win over the internet, then follow this simple guide for real estate SEO.

This ultimate guide covers everything about real estate SEO and what you should be doing to earn more. If you do not understand much about SEO, then do not stress over it. Soon, all of your queries will be answered through this ultimate real estate SEO guide.

What do you mean by Real Estate SEO?

To put in simpler words, real estate SEO is all about creating user-friendly organic content for your website. Specific SEO tools are used over here, such as Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, SEMrush, etc. to secure a higher rank.

SEO upgrades your website to the top, increasing your website’s visibility. This way, more people will click on your website whenever they search for anything related to real estate.

Why is SEO so important for Realtors?

The growing popularity of SEO clearly shows how important it can be for businesses. As recorded by the National Association of Realtors, almost 44% of the customers search for property listings online. They rely on the top results shown on the very first page of Google whenever they want to buy a new property.

This information is more than enough to know the importance of SEO for realtors. Previously, newspaper ads were widely used to buy and sell property, which is not the case anymore.

Nowadays, people search the internet for all types of queries related to real estate. This is why it is essential to get your website optimized to cater to the broader audience through the internet.

What factors to consider while doing Real Estate SEO?

Now that we know how important real estate SEO can be, as well as what it means, it is time to move forward. Some of the vital SEO factors to consider while doing real estate SEO are mentioned below. Let us find out those key takeaways.

1- Stay consistent with your NAP information

First thing first, you will have to stay consistent with the business information you will put on display. NAP stands for Name of your agency, Address, and Phone Number, which are essential for your online platform.

While doing SEO for your website, you will need all of this information to increase your online presence. Many people search for property listings by different locations, which will help you in grabbing the right person’s attention.

2- Get yourself listed on different Real Estate Directories

The best way to stay on the top is through getting your agency registered as soon as possible. There are various critical online directories in the real estate market where you can get listed. With the right NAP information, try to get your hands on the most prominent online directories. Some of the real estate directories are named below:

  • Zillow
  • Homes.com
  • Trulia
  • Zoocasa

By signing up over here, you will have enough backlinks to support your real estate website. Besides that, you will be able to promote your content via social media and online marketing campaigns.

These directories are known to supply valuable real estate services to their clients, giving your business the right exposure. After getting registered, your ranking on the search engine will improve, with highly optimized content.

3- Make use of keywords and optimize your presence

You will do yourself a massive favor by incorporating keywords in boosting your real estate content. Your presence on social media sites will get highly optimized with the help of the right real estate keywords.

When your website and other social media sites feature keyword-enriched content, your site will get optimized. This way, whenever someone will type in the relative keyword, your website will appear on the top page. However, you will have to stay updated with the current keyword trend while promoting your real estate services.

4- Generate more audience by optimizing local pages

The best way to generate more traffic to your website is by optimizing local pages. This is known as local real estate SEO, where you customize your website according to the local searches.

Here, you will have to create some local pages with organic content related to the visitor’s location and city. This will capture the different interests of existing and potential consumers at the same time. Some SEO tactics to use for local SEO can be:

  • Optimize Website Architecture and Internal Linking
  • Optimize Title Tags, Meta Description, URL, Headers
  • Addition of outbound links at the end
  • Creation of Content Specific to Local Pages

5- Ask customers to share their experience online

Reviews and feedback will help in building your website. After successful completion of real estate service, ask your customers to share their experience with the public. This will create the right social media buzz, with more people visiting your website in the future.


Apart from the factors stated above, you can also do effective real estate SEO by having a mobile-friendly website. This will surely benefit your site, which will cater to customers through their smartphones. With the help of this ultimate guide for real estate SEO, you will excel at digital marketing quickly. So, get started right away and get your website optimized.

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