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Using Google Ads for an Advantage to Your Business

by Olufisayo
Google Ads

You must be well aware of marketing campaigns like pay-per-click (PPC). Google Ads platform helps with this. You can use this to drive relevant traffic or customers to your company’s website for different services and products.

If used correctly, it can also result in high phone calls and in-store visits. Since it allows you to time your ads well for desktop and mobile users, the chances of success remain high. You can appear in top SERPs at the right moment before your target group. The good thing is you can optimize this platform more and more as you use it.

If you doubt its effectiveness, you must realize that the platform delivers a nearly 2% click-through rate. It generates 180 million impressions monthly through display ads. Paid Google ads can offer more than 65% clicks from ready customers than YouTube ads, which provide only 43% of such clicks.

These insights can give you enough understanding of its effectiveness. Don’t worry if you are not that well-versed with this platform. Rook Digital of Los Angeles can help in this matter. Before going to them, let’s dig into some of the best practices for this platform.

PPC planning template

Check the look and feel of your ads online before making them live. It helps you plan your PPC campaigns easily while allowing you to track the number of characters used.

Avoid unwanted ads

All ads don’t work, primarily if they don’t serve your target. Only run advertisements that satisfy the searcher’s intent. Otherwise, the click-through rate will be poor even if the ad copy and headline are crisp. These ads work only when the content addresses the target audience’s pain point. So, make sure to leverage this feature right. You can launch many ads for one campaign and assess their performance too.

Ad landing page

Some people create ads and think they have done their job. Please avoid this mistake. The ultimate thing is to attract clicks and user experience. You refer to a landing page when you talk about user experience after they click an ad. Optimize it so that you can easily convert your users. The content and design of the landing page should offer a seamless transition to the target groups.

Some more Google Ads insights

Ad rank, bidding, display network, and many such keywords can sound confusing if you are new to this platform. Hence, it’s crucial to become familiar with them. Having a high Ad rank value can improve the position of your Google ads. It plays a critical role in the click-through rate. Then, bidding means paying a certain amount against a click. If you bid high, your ad can get better placement in the SERPs or web pages. Display network consists of these two main placement options – web pages and search engine pages.

It’s not possible to master one’s skill in this overnight. You can engage yourself in other crucial areas of your business. The more time you spend on this, the better you can optimize ads. But it will consume your mind’s space and energy. Hence, it is safer to let a qualified agency handle this.

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