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Five Things You Need To Know About Video Transcription Software

by Olufisayo
Video Transcription Software

In the recent past, video content has spread like fire in a dense forest. If you are into a business, the odds are your social media profiles, as well as your website would have prioritized video marketing by now. Videos have gained popularity primarily because people can watch them on the go without any distraction.

However, there are times when the audience prefers reading text instead of watching a video. That’s where video transcription tools swing into action. They help you to repurpose your video into text quite conveniently. In case you haven’t heard about the transcription software before, here is all you need to know about them:

1. Leads to better user experience 

Nothing to take away from the popularity of video content, but there is still a vast proportion of people that prefer text over visuals. Sometimes it happens because you have no other option but to engage yourself in reading.

For example, you are sitting in a crowded place and want to watch a video so badly, but you don’t have earphones, the chances are you will go for the transcript of that video instead of watching it later.

At times we are driven to watch the complete video just because of a catchy thumbnail or description. You can glide through the transcript beforehand to know whether watching the video would be worth it or not. That way, people will end up saving their time.

Apart from entertaining the audience, the videos are created for educational purposes, as well. We all know that taking notes from a video could be very tricky. You have to pause and rewind the video time and again to jot down key points from a lecture. But when you provide a complete transcription of your video, you bypass all these hurdles and significantly improve the user experience.

2. Transcription software save user data

As mentioned above, video content is gaining grounds. But there are inevitable fallouts of videos as well. One of the most significant drawbacks of watching a video is that you can quickly run out of your data. Thus, it is not an ideal option for those who tend to use internet buckets with limited data capacity. On the other hand, a video transcription software encompasses you to send the message with equal power through text. Since text does not consume much data, so it can turn out to be an ample alternative for many.

The internet speed could be another hurdle. As soon as people step out of the house and disconnect their super-fast personal Wi-Fi, they are never sure about the internet speed at a nearby café. In such a scenario, people can go through the text faster than watching a video.

3. Increases reach of your brand

According to the numbers provided by the WHO (World Health Organization), more than 466 million people suffer a disability of hearing loss. You craft your videos precisely, but they are of no use to this segment of our society. But things have changed ever since the video transcription has hit the scene.

Now you can quickly transcript your video into text, and people with hearing loss can also fully understand them. What’s more, video transcription is not limited to the English language. People from other geographical locations who speak different languages can also read the text in their mother tongue.

Plus, a video transcript also provides an extra push to your SEO. We all know that the Google algorithm does not entertain videos, but it can read tags, descriptions, and keywords. So adding a transcript will boost your SEO. So much so, Youtube will also ensure a better ranking of your video if it contains a complete transcript carrying crux of keywords.

4. Prominent transcription software

Well, if you want to transcribe your videos, the good news is that YouTube offers a feature that auto-transcribe your video. However, the bad news is that this feature is not without flaws and can dent the accuracy to an alarming level. That’s why the leading brands have to do the transcription on their own.

You can also do the same using the following tried and trusted software:

  1. InqScribe: It is one of the best software that assists you with video transcription. It does not do the typing on your behalf, but it includes other multiple options that make life easier for you. For example, you can add time codes and help the readers to jump on the exact part of the video directly. You can also add your trigger keys to perform a specific function. So you don’t have to return to the mouse while typing. The software makes sharing effortless via email. InqScribe may not be a perfect tool, but not many software can compete with it.
  2. HyperTRANSCRIBE: It is also one of the best software in the business. The stand out the angle of HyperTRANSCRIBE is that its support team is just a stretch away. In case of a technical issue, you can reach out to them any minute. To top it off, unlike other software, you don’t have to buy its license over and over again. You can use the same license even when you change the device. The application takes the mouse out of the equation.
  3. EureScribe: if you happen to be not a tech-savvy pup, EuroScribe is for you. The reason being, you can’t get a more straightforward interface than what this software provides. It can be used either personally or by a group of coworkers. Hence, enabling you to handle small as well as prominent media formats efficiently. You can also save the draft of transcription in word format.
  4. Hiring a video transcriptionist’s services: If you are a DIY video transcriptionist, you might face difficulty in formatting your transcription. It is also quite probable that you may have to compromise on the accuracy as well. And you are more likely to consume a lot of time. Therefore, if you have a flexible budget, then consider hiring a professional transcriptionist. It will ensure a higher level of accuracy, and you will have more time to create the content.

Final thoughts 

There is no doubt that video transcription is going to be a welcome addition for your business and can help your revenues to go up. The biggest plus is that there are various tools available to perfect you in the art of video transcription, and in no time, you will notice a significant hike the customer satisfaction rate.

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